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2000 Season, Episode 200 (Transcript | Credits)
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After Red twins up Possum Lodge with the state of Iowa, five hundred visitors from Iowa suddenly show up at the lodge.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Dalton Humphrey, Dwight Cardiff, Winston Rothschild, Brian Jacobs, Ranger Gord

Segments: The Possum Lodge Word Game, The Experts, Handyman Corner, Midlife, Ranger Gord's Educational Films, Red's Handyman Tips

DVD: The Red Green Show – 2000 Season

Segment Summary[]

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Plot: Red discovers a deal in which the lodge can pair up with another one, even in a foreign country, so he decides to attempt to twin with all 50 U.S. states, but all, except Iowa (all of it, according to Dalton) reject the requests. Red then tells Dalton that he is unable to travel to Iowa because he is banned from the U.S. for two years for a confrontation at customs relating to his appearance, so Dalton heads off without Red. Shortly afterwards, 500 Iowans arrive at the lodge, all dressed as different lodge members, including, to his consternation, Red himself.

Opening Scene: Red removes a tree stump by tying it into a 3,000-foot-long rope which a beach ball is also tied to.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Dwight tries to guess the word "sweat" to win a new pair of running shoes.

The Experts: Red, Winston and Brian discuss tips on giving a eulogy to a seldom-seen family member.

Handyman Corner: Red converts several pieces of hockey equipment to be used for fishing.

Midlife: How things you do may make you turn out like your own parents.

Ranger Gord's Educational Films: "Alien Assumptions", in which Little Red gets abducted by an alien at a campfire, causing Gord and Little Harold to chase the alien onto the Moon.

Red's Handyman Tips: Turning a plug-in timer, a tape recorder, a television and a radio into a makeshift alarm clock.

Fun Facts[]

  • This episode is the 200th episode of the entire series.
    • However, none of the cast/characters ever point this milestone out.

Real-World References[]

  • In the Educational Film, the watchtower, when it flies, makes the exact same sound effects used for flying air cars on The Jetsons TV series from 1962 and 1985.
  • The transition scene during the Educational Film is a spoof on an identical scene used on the old Batman TV series, except with Ranger Gord's grinning face in place of the Batman logo.
  • Winston Rothschild mentions-and parodies-the quote "space, the final frontier", which originated in the Star Trek franchise, during his commercial before the Educational Film.

Fast Forward[]

  • The Handyman Tips segment in Snowed In also concerns arriving home late.
  • The same transition scene used in the Educational Film would be used again in Red Green Does New Years.
  • Winston Rothschild would again parody Star Trek and it's "space, the final frontier" quote in his commercial in Exit Stag Right.