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1995 Season, Episode 111 (Transcript | Credits)
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The men of Possum Lodge are so excited about the opening of trout season that they use all kinds of methods to catch a fish, many of them illegal.

Cast (in order of appearance): Harold Green, Red Green, Bill Smith, Bob Stuyvesant (mentioned), Junior Singleton (mentioned), Mike Hamar, Flinty McClintock (mentioned), Stinky Peterson (mentioned), Ranger Gord, Moose Thompson (mentioned), Buster Hadfield (mentioned), Dougie Franklin

Segment Summary[]

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Opening Words: Women go forward. Men go fishing.

Plot: It is the first day of trout season, and the men at the lodge immediately hit the lake. However, many of the lodge members are arrested, one by one, for using illegal methods to catch the fish. Even Red finds himself in trouble; a government agent confiscates his own fishing gear, which, apparently, was actually owned by the agent. Eventually, Red clarifies that fish finders are not illegal, so the men search every inch of Possum Lake for the fish. This leads them to the assumption that the government was jamming them, because not one fish was actually spotted in the lake.

Adventures With Bill: Bill and Red compete in a casting contest.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Mike tries to guess the word "commitment" to win two hours with a wrecking ball from McClintock's Salvage.

Red's Campfire Songs: A well-armed woman.

Handyman Corner: Red makes a pair of hip waders that will hold all of his fishing gear.

Visit With Ranger Gord #1: Gord demonstrates how he finds people lost in the woods.

Harold's Handy Crafts: Harold makes a kitchen clock (at least, he tries to).

Visit With Ranger Gord #2: Gord is painting the fire watchtower.

The Experts: Dougie gives advice for the lovelorn.