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The Possum Lodge Word Game also called "Two on a Match" is a recurring segment on The Red Green Show. Based upon the television game show, Password, one character has 30 seconds to get the contestant to say a word by giving him short clues.

The contestants' guesses are based on their own personality and experiences, and as a result they usually only stumble across the right word accidentally while saying something completely unrelated. In some cases, up to Season 8, they don't get the word at all.

The Possum Lodge Word Game was introduced in Season 5 and ran through to the end of the series.

Harold Green served as host for the show until Season 9, when he left for a job in Port Asbestos. Following this, different Lodge members rotated in and out to serve as new hosts, most frequently Winston Rothschild and Mike Hamar.

Production notes[]

Beginning in the sixth season, Harold (and later other characters) began to say the word out loud, in addition to showing it to the audience. Along with this, the "contestant" would plug their ears or otherwise not listen to the word while it was being spoken (except for one episode in which Mike tries to cheat). According to RedgreenJrTV, this change was made specifically in response to feedback from a blind viewer who said she didn't know what the word was until the punchline.

Word Games by season[]

Season 5[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Men's Night On The Mountain Dalton Humphrey Sensitive A free wash and hot wax at Larry's Barber Shop Yes
The Driving Test Dougie Franklin Feminine Over 100 dollars Yes
The Satellite Dish Bob Stuyvesant Marriage A free ice cream cone with purchase of a scoop of ice cream from the House of Vanilla No
Father and Son Banquet Mike Hamar Friend A promise by Junior Singleton to return half the tools borrowed from Mike over the years No
The New Doctor Ranger Gord (at Gord's watchtower) Lonely A shelving unit No
The Vertical Grandstand Hap Shaughnessy (on Hap's boat) Liar A pair of earflaps from Raymond's House of Rubber Yes
The Network Deal Dalton Humphrey1 Sex A truckload of stuff picked up at the side of the highway Yes
Medieval Times Buzz Sherwood (on the Possum Lake dock) Peace Three bottles of Possum Hill drinking water and a pair of running shoes Yes
Van Go Dalton Humphrey1 Art A "buy one, get one free" gift certificate from Herbie Dougan's House of Doorknobs Yes
Possum Lodge Radio Mike Hamar Responsibility A free application of herbicide and pesticide from Moira's House of Skin Care Yes
Sedgwick the Thief Dalton Humphrey1 Trust Two dozen day-old doughnuts from the doughnut garden Yes
The Cement Load Dougie Franklin Vacuum Cleaner Free any style hair and moose from Ed's Taxidermy Yes
Trout Season Mike Hamar Commitment Two hours with a wrecking ball from McClintock's Salvage No
The Lost Dog Dalton Humphrey Feelings An entire case of Quebec Nordiques hockey uniforms Yes
The New Statue Dougie Franklin2 Cheat An '82 Lada and four sets of jumper cables Yes
One Man's Garbage Dougie Franklin2 Loud Four hours of aroma therapy at Backslor's Beanery No
The Big Thing Mike Hamar Remorse A pizza with everything on it courtesy of the Possum Lake Petting Zoo Yes
Bottled Water Bob Stuyvesant Promise Yet to be determined No
Floating Church Dalton Humphrey Job 45 cents in a bag Yes
The Not-Chicken Franchise Hap Shaughnessy1 Friends A mismatched set of ashtrays from the Possum Lake Hotel and Mortuary Yes
The Compost Heap Garth Harble Control A year's supply of laxatives and a used tuba Yes

1 As clue-giver to Red.
2 Red assumes Harold's role and vice-versa

Season 6[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
The Science Fair Mike Hamar Father A weekend for two at the solitaire championships Yes
Sedgwick The Tenant Dalton Humphrey Laugh 200 road apples and a free juicer Yes
The Driving Lesson Dougie Franklin Canada A water balloon launcher and 40 airsick bags No
The Tax Refund Mike Hamar Address A year's supply of unmarked pharmaceuticals from the Crankhouse Pharmacy Yes
No Church Dalton Humphrey Teenager Some of Buster Hadfield's famous chili and a new set of seat covers No
The Petting Zoo Buzz Sherwood Breakfast Potatoes, vegetables and a leg of fish from the Longshot Family Restaurant Yes
Good Government Bob Stuyvesant Church 1983 Cordoba Yes
The Poker Game Dougie Franklin Pet A bent stop sign and a coupon for a free driving lesson Yes
The Drill Buzz Sherwood Quiet A turnip farm and four kinds of wax Yes
Maxi Golf Dalton Humphrey Imaginative A free oil/lube fluid check from Stanley's Fried Chicken Yes
Bernice's Birthday Hap Shaughnessy Alien A recording of the sounds of nature No
The Church Casino Dalton Humphrey1 Tool Season tickets to the Winnipeg Jets Yes
The House Raising Dalton Humphrey Wolves Free chiropractic adjustment at Arnie's auto body shop Yes
The Girlfriend Mike Hamar Criminal Two days with a hooker from Edna's House of Rugs Yes
The New Lease Buzz Sherwood Nudist A set of minature lawn darts from Wang Fu's Actupuncure Center No
The Baseball Tryouts Winston Rothschild Suicide Two hours of hydrotherapy at Ernie's Car Wash Yes
30 Minutes or Free Dalton Humphrey Charity An electric hammer and a pail of glue Yes
Fund Raiser Dougie Franklin Romantic Nine coils of kielbasa and a twelve pount breath mint Yes
Real Estate Dougie Franklin Love An assorted bag of rad hoses from Julio's Steam Room and Engine Flush No
The Stag Party Dalton Humphrey Discuss A set of keys that used to open a $200,000 bungalow Yes
The Suits Mike Hamar Bed Calls from a telephone solicitation company Yes
The High School Reunion Dalton Humphrey Extra Seven accordions and a box of matches Yes

1 As clue-giver to Red.

Season 7[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Swiss It Up Winston Rothschild Artificial A pad of paper Yes
The Implosion Mike Hamar Serve A big bottle of cola Yes
Adopt-A-Highway Dalton Humphrey Paranoid A business card from Flinty's Towing No
The Strange Ranger Dougie Franklin Love 100 assorted tree tops Yes
Big Guy Little Guy Mike Hamar Purchase An entire car alarm system Yes
The Movie Edgar Montrose Unsafe A pair of brass handles and the coffin of your choice from Dempsey's Funeral Home Yes
Expropriation Arnie Dogan Talent A photo album Yes
The Stool Pigeons Dalton Humphrey Hand Five file folders Yes
Celebrity Mike Hamar Baby A brand-new dictionary Yes
Let Me Count The Ways Dougie Franklin Manners Five-piece bedroom set Yes
The Splinter Lodge Mike Hamar Investment Having Mike's charges commuted to 30 days of community service Yes
The Good Old Hockey Game Dalton Humphrey Compromise A dog whistle Yes
Step Outside Mike Hamar Blame Four hours of unlimited fun and hijinks at Ethel's House of Rubber Yes
The Town Mall Dalton Humphrey Accident A road map of Europe Yes
The Winter Carnival Winston Rothschild Dead A bait bucket Yes

Season 8[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Harold's Leaving Dalton Humphrey Charity "Ketchups of the World" Yes
House Moving Mike Hamar Beverage Possum Lake Credit Union will tear up your mortgage Yes
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Mike Hamar Lawn A coupon for a handheld vacuum No
The Cult Visit Arnie Dogan Friend An ant farm Yes
College Life Ranger Gord Nostril A set of dumbbells Yes
The New Monument Kevin Black1 Sushi An alarm clock Yes
Free Apricots Dalton Humphrey Vegetable A garbage bag Yes
The Mayor Race Mike Hamar Married A lottery ticket Yes
Better To Give Than Receive Edgar Montrose Delicate A brand-new stereo receiver Yes
Town Services Contract Ranger Gord Forest A pair of Chinese fingercuffs Yes
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Mike Hamar Giving An all-expenses paid trip to France Yes
Life Cycle Mike Hamar Shopping Five pounds of chopped beef Yes
Mad About You Winston Rothschild Smell An entire bag of mothballs Yes
Bingo Was His Name Kevin Black1 Flip A shiny new quarter Yes

1 As clue-giver to Red.

Season 9[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Harold's Job Dalton Humphrey Romantic A coupon for "Buy one shoe, get the other one free" from Sam's Shoe Store Yes
The Bachelor Auction Harold Green Geek A coupon for three kisses at Brenda Lake Kissing Booth Yes
Angel Mike Hamar Hurry Keys to an RV (the Possum Van) Yes
School Bus Blimp Ed Frid Love A coupon for complete bikini treatment and back hair consultation Yes
Rent A Wreck Ranger Gord (at Gord's watchtower) Water A Possum calendar girl Yes
Curse Of The Mummy Mike Hamar Bar A plastic frog that croaks whenever you walk in front of it Yes
Roll Out The Barrels Mike Hamar Word A hat for traveling Yes
No Retreat Winston Rothschild Disaster A brand-new house roof shingle Yes
The Battle Call Winston Rothschild Quit Two free line dancing lessons at the Mercury Creek Dancing Academy Yes
Hurricane Doug Ed Frid Tame A coupon to get 50% off all other coupons Yes
Guinness World Records Edgar Montrose Game A coupon for a week of old-fashioned fun at Camp Wedgie Yes
The Auto Club Mike Hamar Exam A French/English dictionary Yes

Season 10[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Edgar Montrose Christmas A giant eggplant from Bernie's Big 'n' Tall Vegetables Yes
Sausage Envy Mike Hamar Buy A complete ice-fishing kit Yes
Foster Child Dwight Cadriff Lazy A ten-minute snatch-and-grab shopping spree at Herbie's House of Pickles Yes
What A Dump Winston Rothschild Insurance A year's subscription to the Possum Lake Daily Movement Yes
Winston's Wedding Dalton Humphrey Positive A garbage can Yes
Man Of The Year Edgar Montrose Hearing A full body massage and oil change from Six Finger Louie at Rub-a-dub-dub Massage Parlor Yes
Survivor Ranger Gord (at Gord's watchtower) Stool A yo-yo Yes
Historic Site Dalton Humphrey Service A free neck water reduction at Possum Lake's only plastic surgery clinic Yes
Twinning Dwight Cadriff Sweat A new pair of running shoes Yes
Lunar Eclipse Ed Frid Nervous A whole day as the town mascot Yes
Barter Starter Brian Jacobs Fatal A really big piece of salt cod Yes
Out Of The Woods Mike Hamar Lucky Biggest pair of pants in Billy Bob's Big and Tall Men's Shop Yes
Cheap Jeep Dalton Humphrey Vacuum A free dinner for two at Hoofers restaurant and sports bar Yes
DNA All The Way Mike Hamar Milk A bottle of Dr. Shott's Corn Remover and Oven Cleaner Yes
Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Brian Jacobs Immortal A pocketwatch Yes
The Beaver Dam Ed Frid Courage A coupon to Felicia's Fondue Palace Yes
The Dandruff Foundation Ranger Gord (at Gord's watchtower) Lonely An aluminum bucket Yes
Damn You Emu Edgar Montrose Fuse A gift certificate for Big Al's Podiatry Clinic Yes
No Duct Tape Dalton Humphrey Set 250 pounds of free weights Yes

Season 11[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
New Job In Town Winston Rothschild Ambition Free style and set from Hairyatrics Yes
Gladiator Dwight Cardiff Busy A coupon for two free bunnies from Possum Lake's only adoption agency for rabbits Yes
The Whooping Crane Mike Hamar Pass A brand-new cell phone Yes
Back To Nature Dalton Humphrey Love A weekend pass at the Bigamist Arms Hotel Yes
Dalton's Hot Gift Harold Green1 Celibate 12,000 gallons of bunker sea crude oil to be picked up at Red's convenience Yes
Viva Las Possums Ed Frid Confidence 200 hours of sauna fun from Fat Jack's House of Steam Yes
Y2 Cans Harold Green Muscles One free shoe shine Yes
The Ghost Of Possum Lodge Dalton Humphrey Fly A deluxe tattoo removal kit Yes
The Chainsaw Races Dalton Humphrey Early Dressing Yourself for Utter Morons book by Winston Rothschild III Yes
Something In The Heir Mike Hamar Light Monogramed handkerchief with Mike Hamar's initials Yes
Daredevil Winston Rothschild Opera Grab bag of previously enjoyed footwear gathered from roads in the area Yes
Mike Goes Straight Ed Frid Instinct Free boxing lessons from Tucker's Manufacturing Yes
Xmas In July Mike Hamar Respect Home version of the Possum Lodge Word Game Yes
The Fishing Derby Dalton Humphrey Heaven Coupon from Hugh's House of Rubbing Yes
Masquerade Marathon Harold Green Power Fluorescent bicycle handle grip Yes
Harold's Dilemma Winston Rothschild Denial A ride along in a police cruiser with one of Possum Lake's finest Yes
Red Green Does New Years Dalton Humphrey Kiss A free tuxedo rental from Featherstone's Funeral Home Yes

1 As clue-giver to Red.

Season 12[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Go Fish Winston Rothschild Finish A coupon for a large bucket of chicken parts from Stephenson Pulverized Poultry Yes
The Possum Ponderosa Edgar Montrose Careless A coupon for a free oil change and cheeseburger from McHanic's Yes
Possum Air Ed Frid Instincts A coupon for free weekend for one at the Dead Squirrel Inn Yes
The IQ Test Mike Hamar Straight A free session at the Possum Lake Food Packaging Plant and Beauty Center Yes
The Day of the Sunflowers Winston Rothschild Fashion A coupon for three free pairs of stainless steel unwear Yes
Reality Television Dalton Humphrey Fair A coupon for a free session at the local oxygen bar, To Air Is Human Yes
Possum Lodge Provincial Park Dalton Humphrey Up A free wash, wax, buff, shine and lube job from the Possum Lake Fitness Club Yes
The Silver Wasp Mike Hamar Slip A coupon for dinner for two at Sam N' Ella's Restaurant Yes
A Lot Like Christmas Dalton Humphrey Yule A coupon for 150 botox injections Yes
Snowed In Dalton Humphrey Diet A coupon from Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services Yes
The Go Go Bars Ed Frid Pride A breath mint gun Yes
The Missile Crisis Ranger Gord Fire A coupon for three free tanning sessions at the Port Asbestos Leather Factory Yes
Never Send a Man Mike Hamar Grand A coupon for a million coupons Yes
Power Struggle Ed Frid Track Two tickets to a local play "The Best Little Warehouse In Texas" Yes
Mr. Possum Lake Mike Hamar Case A coupon for a whole weekend on pony rides (in a 1984 Hyundai Pony) Yes
Red and Breakfast Winston Rothschild Date An assortment of loose change from McGinty's Trampoline Park Yes
The Moosetrap Harold Green Company A coupon for 200 airsickness bags Yes
Stupid Cupid Dalton Humphrey Style A coupon for two hours alone with a finicky lawnmower and a ten pound sledgehammer Yes

Season 13[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
You've Got Oil Mike Hamar Honour Dinner for two at Chuck's Chip Wagon Yes
The Drive-Thru Ed Frid Stick One free wash from the Possum Lake School of Dry Cleaning and Philosophy Yes
School Demo Winston Rothschild Career A coupon for a free burger from Marty's Mystery Meat Market Yes
Change Will Do You Good Dalton Humphrey Scale A coupon for a free session from Mario's Male Hair Removal Center Yes
The Earring Mike Hamar Party A free meal from Honkin Joe's Cafe Yes
Mailbox Wars Edgar Montrose Pool A free pony from the Screaming Pony Breeding Center Yes
The String Ball Dalton Humphrey About A cruise on the historic steamboat the Marilyn Belle Yes
The Spelling Bee Harold Green Car A coupon for the House of Hammers and Phrenology Yes
Pay It Forward Dalton Humphrey Infatuate A shampoo and hairstyling from Fabio of Port Asbestos Yes
Possum Day Dalton Humphrey Home 10 minutes of free long distance service from the World Wrestling Foundation Yes
The Boat Ramp Winston Rothschild Intimate A coupon to have your picture taken with Bobo, the world's largest rabbit Yes
Comrade Harold Mike Hamar Plant A free weekend at the Elvis Presley Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp Yes
Spokesman Red Dalton Humphrey Divorced A year's supply of calendars from Betty's Pleasures & Crafts & Pleasure Crafts Yes
The Chain Letter Mike Hamar Tradition A coupon for a free rental of any Madonna movie from Port Asbestos Video Yes
The Women's Circle Charlie Farquharson Farm A ticket to Raging Wool Yes
Ranger Harold Ed Frid Duck Dinner for two at medeival themed restarant "His Majesty's Blowout" Yes
The Sinkhole Dalton Humphrey Promise A home lipo suction kit from Super Suck Installed Vacuum Systems Yes
Cyber Girl Mike Hamar Bar A free stray animal and wall clock from the Possum Lake Flea and Tick Market Yes

Season 14[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Red's Hot Sauce Dalton Humphrey Draw A "beautiful" necklace from Diamond Joe's Discount Jeweler and Hog Fat Rendering Plant Yes
Life is a Circus Ed Frid Lamb A coupon for a free session at the Port Asbestos Rhinoplasty and High Colonic Centre Yes
Once More to the Well Frank Kepke Joke A coupon for four accordions and a sledgehammer from Music Lovers Yes
The Statue Winston Rothschild Star A coupon for a one night stay at the Possum Lake Bed and Lunch Yes
False Idol Mike Hamar Acquire A coupon for the Port Asbestos Little Theatre production of "The Cod Couple" Yes
Harold's One and Only Dalton Humphrey Boxers A romantic dinner for two at the drive-thru of "The Burger Barrel" Yes
The Grapes of Wrath Glen Brachston Work A coupon from Mr. Guido's Barbershop & Craft Emporium Yes
The Lodge Election Winston Rothschild Grace A personalized gift from Zelda's Body Waxing Parlor Yes
Ticket to Fame Mike Hamar Draft One free night at Possum Lake's Hollywood Hotel Yes
Stay Tuned Hap Shaughnessy Exaggerate A coupon for a round trip ticket to Port Asbestos on a school bus Yes
The Butter Man Ed Frid Presents A coupon for a free box of tinsel from Tinsel Town Yes
Red Green Insurance Blair Cobden Responsible A coupon for a free hot air balloon ride over the Port Asbestos Archery Range Yes
Lodge Luau Edgar Montrose Noise One free landscaping job from the Possum Lake Correctional Facility Gardening Co-op Yes
Hoard of the Flies Dalton Humphrey Mystery A free feng-shui from Crystal Age Feng-Shui Yes
A Shot in the Dark Charlie Farquharson Entrepreneur A coupon for an overcooked quarter-pounder from Butcher Bob's Blackened Burger Barn Yes
Bye Bye Bonnie Blair Cobden Woman A coupon for a decorative buffet platter from Martha's Meats Yes
Fishy CANUSA Games Winston Rothschild Perfect Cardboard box seats to the Port Asbestos Theatre in the Dark production of a Midsummer Night's Mosquito Infestation Yes
The Possum Drop Dalton Humphrey Hint Free physical evaluation from the Port Asbestos Piano Movers Yes

Season 15[]

Episode Contestant Word Prize Got it?
Rules of Engagement Mike Hamar Mistakes A gourmet meal and toenail clipping at Marjorie's Epicure and Pedicure Yes
The Folk Art Convention Ed Frid Fuzzy A one year unlimited movie rental pass from Vern's Video Castle Yes
Mr. Clean Dalton Humphrey Listen A coupon for a free treatment at Chang Lee's Acupuncture Palace Yes
No Tell Boatel Glen Brachston Exercise A large section of charred countertop from what was formerly Crazy Eddie's House of Fireworks Yes
Cell Hell Ed Frid Heat A coupon for dinner for two at the Nerk and Fingle Pub Yes
Cart Blanche Dalton Humphrey Hop A free lesson in elocution from the Messieur Pannee School of Public Speaking Yes
New Yorkshire Puddings Mike Hamar Hug A coupon for a free jar of Farmer Dan's Moisturizing Cream Yes
Exit Stag Right Ed Frid Bond 5000 gallons of natural spring water from Mercury Creek Yes
Mad You Say? Mike Hamar Team A coupon for procrastination therapy Yes
No Place Like the Home Edgar Montrose Passion A coupon for 300 board feet of lumber from the Mercury Creek Lumber Yard Yes
Flying Blind Mike Hamar Back A coupon for one free 18'th century musket curtesy of the Canadian Military Historical Society Yes
The Bigger the Better Dalton Humphrey Purse A free savings acount at Possum Lake Savings & Loan Yes
The Big Retreat Winston Rothschild Second A coupon for a free visit to Crazy Lou's Save-O-Torium Yes
Rites of Passage Mike Hamar Profit A coupon for a bucket of chicken from the Port Asbestos High Volume Chicken Ranch Yes
Sasquatch Bonnie Green Man One free weekend with a grizzly bear Yes
Rain Man Dalton Humphrey Flowers A coupon for a free visit to Crazy Lou's Leech Farm Yes
Love is in the Air Mike Hamar Parent A coupon for one free anger management class at Big Bob's Institute of Tough Love Yes
Toe the Line Ed Frid Gross A 5% discount off the regular $150 ticket price to the Possum Lake Museum Yes
Do as I Do Dalton Humphrey Finale One large canister of pure oxygen from To Air Is Human Yes