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8th Season, Episode 167 (Transcript | Credits)
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Possum Lodge gets its hands on an old army tank and brings it back to life.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Harold Green, Kevin Black, Bernice Green (mentioned), Hap Shaughnessy, Bill Smith, Earl Battersby, Edgar Montrose (mentioned)

DVD: The Red Green Show – 1998 Season

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Segment Summary[]

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Plot: The town is looking for a new monument to replace an old tank in front of city hall, and Red includes his own entry for a bid at the tender, a flagpole made out of beer cans and an unemployment check flying from it. But he loses the tender to some art college students, who make a stained glass abstract work. As a consolation prize, however, the town council gives Possum Lodge the tank. After getting the tank, the lodge decides to use it as a tourist attraction. They get the tank actually up and running. Red tries to squeeze several lodge members into the tank and to have Harold film the tank in action. But things fall apart quickly, after Harold climbs into the tank himself and fires the main cannon, not knowing that some dynamite was in it. The new town monument gets destroyed, and the lodge returns the tank to the council to avoid getting sued.

Opening Scene: Red duct-tapes clothes tossed on the floor to a rake to make those clothes easily accessible.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Kevin tries to get Red to guess the word "sushi" to win an alarm clock.

Red's Campfire Songs: Clean-shaven vampires.

Handyman Corner: Red tries to make a car teen-proof, as only he can.

Red's Teen Talk: Red rambles on to a boy playing basketball about an experience he had at a coffee shop.

New Member Night: Hap brings in a new member, Jack Battersby, whom Hap claims to have asked to manage The Beatles, which he declined to do, and later became so irresistible to women that he has no peace and quiet, hence why Hap is offering to let him join up.

Adventures With Bill: Bill tries his hand at throwing axes.

The Experts: Earl explains if telepathy is real.

Fun Facts[]


  • "Dressing like a rake" is a euphemism for dressing in a sexually provocative manner.
  • A blacklist is a list or register of persons who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle.

Real-World References[]

  • The club that Hap claims to have worked at would most likely have been the Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool, England. The famous rock group that eventually became The Beatles played at this club under the name "The Quarrymen".
  • In Adventures With Bill, Red refers to Sir Isaac Newton, who wrote many of the fundamental laws of physics.
  • At the very end, Red compares the events in the episode to D-Day.