The Network Deal Credits

Opening CreditsEdit

Written By
Steve Smith
Rick Green
Peter Wildman
Directed By
Rick Green
Steve Smith
Patrick McKenna
Rick Green
Bob Bainborough
Laura Catalano
Dan Durand
Gordon Pinsent
Peter Wildman

Closing CreditsEdit

Executive Producers
Ronald Lillie
William Johnston
Produced By
Steve Smith
Associate Producer
David C. Smith
Art Director
Sandi Richardson
Contributing Writer
Bob Bainborough
Director of Photography
Harry Carson
Lighting Director
Brad Cauthard
Technical Director
Mark Stokl
Technical Supervisor
John Jarrett
Audio Supervisor
Bill Baker
Ava Stokl
Roy Dos Santos
Floor Director
Zeke Yovanovich
Harry Carson
Ric Arsenault
David Cremasco
Mr. Used
Green Gables Antiques
Terry's Garage
Property Manager
Steve Payne
Lighting Assist
Steve Hilder
Simon Crawshaw
Audio Assist
Bob Senior
Musical Director
Bob Doidge
Live Audience Wranglers
Max Smith
Dave Smith
Tiffany Richardson
Chad Richardson
Rick Demarinis
Geoff Conant
John Staples
Jaipreet Nagra
Produced with the participation of
Roger's Telefund
With assistance from the
Ontario Film Investment Program
Produced with the assistance of the
Global Canadian Program Investment Fund
Produced with the participation of the
Cable Production Fund
Produced in association with
CanWest Global System
S&S Productions
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