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1996 Season, Episode 123 (Transcript | Credits)
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Harold is so anxious to get his driver's license that he tries to get Red to teach him how to drive.

Cast (in order of appearance): Harold Green, Red Green, Bill Smith, Dougie Franklin, Mike Hamar, Dalton Humphrey

DVD: Red Green: Stuffed and Mounted, Vol. 3

DVD Commentary by Steve Smith[]

{from Stuffed and Mounted}

STEVE SMITH: Uh, with "The Driving Lesson", I think we got an opportunity, as we do occasionally with Red and Harold, we got an opportunity to tap into relationships that people can relate to. Maybe– Maybe it's father-and-son, maybe it's husband-wife, maybe it's brother-sister, I don't know what it is, but it's definitely– there's a family relationship being represented when one tries to teach the other anything. Another thing about this episode that I thought was interesting, I'm just... As I looked at it, I'm thinking this is something we should do more of: making an air hockey game out of a couple of dryers. I mean, just... {looks up in thought} I was just thinking here, the whole area of sports appliances is untapped. I gotta look into that.

Segment Summary[]

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Plot: Red announces that Harold has passed his driving test and now has his driver's license. Harold, however, says that he not only failed the test, but he can't be retested until he has taken driving lessons. Red grudgingly agrees to give Harold lessons, but they get into an argument over how to drive, Harold insisting that they go by the manual. Soon after, Red learns that Harold did not do too badly driving the Possum Van. But when they decide to go driving again before his big test, Harold decides to just focus on the manual. In the end, Harold finally passes his driving test and receives his license, much to his delight, and thanks Red for it, saying that he will be a safer driver than Red.

Adventures With Bill: Bill and Red play tennis.

Red's Campfire Songs: Red's uncle who owns a dairy farm and whose life was saved by butter.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Dougie tries to guess the word "Canada" to win a water balloon launcher and forty airsick bags.

Handyman Corner: Red makes an air hockey table by duct-taping two dryers together.

Midlife: How to fake wisdom with silence.

Auto Biography: Mike talks about his favorite car, a Corvette Stingray, which he had once stolen for a joyride.

Red's Teen Talk: Red talks about one of the sad facts of life that teens will have to face: minimum wage.

The Experts: Dalton provides the secret to having a balanced diet.

Fun Facts[]


  • This episode marks one of the only times where a lodge member does not actually win the Word Game.

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