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2003 Season, Episode 247 (Transcript | Credits)
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There's one in every Men's Meal.

The men set up a drive-thru fast-food restaurant in the lodge after a truck carrying meat overturns.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Harold Green, Dalton Humphrey, Winston Rothschild, Ed Frid, Mike Hamar, Bernice Green (mentioned), Anne-Marie Humphrey (mentioned), Walter, Ranger Gord

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Segment Summary[]

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Plot: Red announces that there was an accident on the highway involving a truck that spilled a supply of El Toro-brand hamburgers. Harold thinks Red was at fault for this, but then Dalton comes in to say that this accident has resulted in traffic being rerouted past the lodge. Red decides to capitalize on the accident by selling the hamburgers to the motorists as they pass by. They set up a drive-thru and Harold starts working for this new restaurant, not only serving the food, but also having built the speaker box, done in Red's likeness, but which promptly malfunctions. Eventually, however, the drive-thru gets shut down, in part because the accident has been cleared away and the highway reopens, so the traffic no longer has to pass by the lodge. Even worse, it turns out that the hamburgers they sold were really cattle feed.

Opening Scene: Red uses the prongs of an umbrella to clean rust stains off a toilet.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Ed tries to guess the word "Stick" to win one free wash from the Possum Lake School of Dry Cleaning and Philosophy.

Handyman Corner: Red creates a hybrid car from a golf cart and two satellite dishes.

Midlife: Reading newspaper ads in the bathroom.

Fishing Conversations: Red, Mike and Dalton talk about some of the biggest mistakes they have made in their lives.


Red's Handyman Tips:

Ranger Gord's Wilderness Safety Tips: Ranger Gord warns viewers of the dangers of avalanches.