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2nd Season, Episode 34 (Transcript | Credits)
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There's no water running at the lodge, so Helmut tries to fix the water pump.

Cast (in order of appearance): Harold Green, Red Green, Stinky Peterson (mentioned), Old Man Sedgewick (mentioned), Bill Smith, Helmut Wintergarden, Douglas Hendrychuck, Murray Woolworth, Dwayne, Buster Hadfield (mentioned), Eddie Johnson

DVD: Red Green – The Infantile Years

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Segment Summary[]

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Plot: Red explains that he was unable to wash his face because he discovered that there was no water at the lodge again and thinks that the water pump is broken. Red explains that Douglas claims they cannot afford a new pump and that Helmut should be entitled to fix the old one. Red says that everybody is offering their own solution to the water pump problem with Douglas suggesting the lodge should dig their own well but Red says that was tried before and failed badly.

In The Lodge: While Helmut and Bill work together to try and fix the pump, Douglas comes in and asks if there is any source of water for usage at the lodge, so Helmut sends him to Possum Lake. Helmut thinks the pump's problem is either a seized bearing or a fatigued back pressure valve. Then Murray enters and announces that he is having a sale on pumps at his store. Murray tells Red he can sell the lodge a brand-new reconditioned water pump for one hundred and fifty dollars, but Helmut says he can fix the existing pump for one hundred dollars. Red decides to give the matter some thought.

Red's Campfire Songs: A friend of Red's huge sliver.

Handyman Corner: Red changes the oil in a car.

Red's Poetry (The Harder the Fall): The opening of hunting season.

Visit With Douglas Hendrychuck: Red asks Douglas, who is waxing his car, if there is enough money to fix the water pump.

Adventures With Bill: Bill jumps barrels while skating.

Lodge Meeting: Murray proposes a water turbine to replace the water pump and install into a brand-new water park he has in mind, but Helmut and Bill finally fix the pump instead.

Fun Facts[]

Real-World References[]

  • Near the end, Red mentions that Swiss Family Robinson had opened in a theater in town, on a double bill with Pillow Talk.