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Talking Animals is a recurring segment of The Red Green Show, in which Red visits and is visited by the acting animal control officer in Possum Lake, Garth Harble during the Fifth Season, and Ed Frid from season 8 on. Garth's segments are usually shot outdoors at or near his house, and they most often involve Garth getting hurt in some way and uttering his catch-phrase, "Another super day." Ed's segments are shot inside Possum Lodge and feature a different animal in each segment. Ed introduces the animal demonstrating his extreme fear of animals in the process, and in almost every case something goes comically wrong, causing him to panic.

Talking Animals ran during season 5 and from season 8 to fifteen. It was originally called "You and Your Animal".

Subjects by Season[]

Season 5[]

Episode Subject
Men's Night On The Mountain Garth tries an unusual way to remove voles, and accidentally swallows one.
The Driving Test Garth tries to remove from his house a Mississauga rattler.
The New Doctor Garth takes a deer out of his house.
The Vertical Grandstand Garth shows Red how to drive off a moose
Possum Lodge Radio Garth shows Red how to get rid of geese
Sedgwick the Thief Garth shows you how to keep pigeons off your house
The Cement Load Garth shows you how to deal with a skunk
The Gas Shortage Garth shows you how to deal with squirrels in your attic
One Man's Garbage Garth has just captured a badger (or maybe a cougar)
The Big Thing Garth has contained spiders in a jar, but Red can't stand spiders.

Season 8[]

Episode Subject
The Mayor Race Ed brings in a muskrat for his debut.
Bingo Was His Name Ed brings in an Indigo snake that gets inside his shirt.

Season 9[]

Episode Subject
Harold's Job Red is helping Ed transport a bobcat
The Bachelor Auction Ed brings in an eel that electrocutes him.
Coup De Grass Ed brings in a falcon that is sinking its claws into his bare arm.
Roll Out the Barrels Ed brings in a box of carpenter ants
The Battle Call Ed brings in a hive full of bees.
Guinness World Records Ed brings in a weasel that bites his thumb.
Too Much Information Ed brings in a spitting cobra.

Season 10[]

Episode Subject
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Giving pets as Christmas presents
Survivor Ed meant to bring in a kitten but is too badly hurt
Cheap Jeep Ed speaks about chameleons
Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Ed brings in a chicken and tries to hypnotize it into playing a piano.
The Dandruff Foundation Ed brings in a bucket full of leeches.

Season 11[]

Episode Subject
The Ghost Of Possum Lodge Ed talks about foxes but brings in a fox terrier
Daredevil Ed brigs in a snapping turtle
Red Green Does New Years Ed brings in a flock of doves to release in celebration the New Year, but they've been eaten by a cat.

Season 12[]

Episode Subject
Go Fish Ed talks about lobsters
Red and Breakfast Ed bring in a "vicious animal" (a hamster)

Season 13[]

Episode Subject
Change Will Do You Good Ed was supposed to talk about spiders but brings in a possum
Comrade Harold Ed brings in his girlfriend's parrot
Cyber Girl

Ed talks about scorpions

Season 14[]

Episode Subject
Ticket to Fame Ed uses a puppet to talk about animal safety

Season 15[]

Episode Subject
No Tell Boatel Ed brings in a beekeeper's box
Flying Blind Ed has brought in a bear and is surprisingly calm
The Big Retreat Ed brings in a jumping frog

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