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Frequently throughout the show, Red visits various members of Possum Lodge to see how they're doing, ask them questions, or introduce them or something they've done to the show's viewers. Usually, Red will find his fellow Lodge members in the same place – for example, he can usually find Glen Brachston working on his R.V. near the marina, Buzz Sherwood at his seaplane, Ranger Gord in his watchtower, Bob Stuyvesant at the golf course, etc. This recurring segment often occurs several times in a single episode, and happened more frequently in the show's earlier seasons.

This segment ran from the start of the show until Season 14.

Visits by Season[]

Season 1[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
The Big Inboard Ranger Gord Gord is learning to speak beaver
Hap Shaughnessy Hap claims to have mined gunpowder
The Elvis Sighting Dougie Franklin He uses his truck for "meals on 4 wheels"
The UFO Jimmy McVeigh Red gives Jimmy a 1st edition book
Jack the Hermit Jack explains his reasons
The Treasure Hunt Hap Shaughnessy I was a rubber tree farmer
Dougie Franklin The truck has been recently damaged
Practical Joke Week Ranger Gord Learning the guitar and has falling in love
Home Barber-Kit Ranger Gord Gord reviews the fire danger level
Jimmy McVeigh Jimmy's wife has moved out
He-Man Contest Hap Shaughnessy Hap talks about his days as a bush pilot
Jack the Hermit Jack talks about his idea of being a survivalist
Guest Elephant Dougie Franklin Safety rules for monster trucks
Exotic Dancer Jack the Hermit Jack grows what he needs
Dougie Franklin Dougie starts the truck
Lost Toupee Ranger Gord How he watches the forest while he sleeps
Jimmy McVeigh He has stolen a new windshield for his boat
Talent Show Ranger Gord Camping on a camp stove
Problem Outhouse Hap Shaughnessy I worked on the railroad
Jack the Hermit Jack seems confused
Whittling Contest Glen Brachston Red buffs his bumper
Wind-Powered Boat Hap Shaughnessy Hap talks about being a foreman on a tiger ranch in Kenya
Hot Water Bottle Bob Stuyvesant The guys have destroyed some brush
Hap Shaughnessy Claims to have served on a nuclear sub
Lodge Visitor Glen Brachston Glen wants his RV washed
Bob Stuyvesant The lodge needs to lack re-stocked with fish
Gun Powder Shakes Dougie Franklin Attracting women with his truck
Jack the Hermit Jack is having a party in his cave but did not invite Red
Safety Week Ranger Gord Gord 13th anniversary at the tower
Jimmy McVeigh Installing a ceiling fan as a propeller
Bad Chili Dougie Franklin Discussing the engine in his monster truck
Water Tower Bob Stuyvesant Red took down the wrong tree
Jet-Ski Glen Brackston Going on vacation during prime season
Hap Shaughnessy I have gone spear fishing in ice water
New Well Bob Stuyvesant Red needs help with a government form
Dougie Franklin Changing the oil in the truck
Canoe Jousting Glen Brachston He is on his way to the Grand Canyon
Water Slide Dougie Franklin His license has been suspended

Season 2[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
The Putter Attack Helmut Wintergarden He tries to fix the golf club
Doc's Loan Douglas Hendrychuck He refuses to help Doc
Missing Noel Christmas He has collected evidence
The Receipt-A-Thon Bob Stuyvesant He explains the auditing process
The Sing Along Machine Doc Render He knows all about electrocutions
Bear!!! Dwayne Getting supplies at the store
The Bad Check-Up Eddie Johnson Eddie is asked to cook healthier
The Four-Man Raft Glen Brachston He refuses to buy the "raft"
Skeet Golf Helmut Wintergarden Red hopes he can fix the sunroof
The Broken Water Pump Douglas Hendrychuck They can't afford to fix the pump
Animals in the Attic Bob Stuyvesant He identifies some animal scat
The Party Boat Sank Doc Render They examine the sunken boat
The Food Club Murray Woolworth and Dwayne He offers an expanded menu
The Fish Locator Eddie Johnson He refuses to loan Doc money
The Bent Canoe Glen Brachston Glen cannot fix the canoe
Job Security Helmut Wintergarden Red asks Helmut to lighten up
Noel's Stag Douglas Hendrychuck There is no money for a party
Bob's Birthday Bob Stuyvesant He says he hates birthday parties
The Sudsy Lake Noel Christmas Someone is dumping chemicals
The Gun Mishap Doc Render Murray needs proper treatment
The Double Date Murray Woolworth and Dwayne Tries to sell Red fake chocolates
The Florida Trip Eddie Johnson He hopes to make it big in Florida
Not One Fish Glen Brachston Glen is admiring his new tires

Season 3[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
Maple Syrup Buzz Sherwood Red has Buzz do an aerial survey of the trees
Reg Hunter Red asks Reg about the trees' sap, the source of syrup, while Reg hunts an animal that makes a strange howling sound
Car Pool Glen Brachston Red brings his car pool concept to Glen's attention, while Glen tries to avoid answering his phone
Dougie Franklin Dougie suggests to Red that he use his truck for the towing vehicle
The Spawning Grounds Dougie Franklin Dougie suggests to Red to leave the backhoe in the lake instead of retrieving it
Bob Stuyvesant Red consults Bob about how to make the lake water more alkaline
Magnetic Lake Hap Shaughnessy Claims to have been an astronaut and is currently wearing aluminum foil on his body as part of a time-travel experiment
Glen Brachston Red asks Glen how to demagnetize the lake, but Glen is happy his customers can't reach him since the magnetism has messed up the phone lines
Underground Parking Bob Stuyvesant Bob tells Red that there is no gold deposit near Possum Lake, only a mold deposit
Joshua Twofeathers The underground parking lot will flood because there is a water table down there
The Tanks We Get Ranger Gord While Gord tries to play a puzzle game, Red tries to unload some of the gas tanks on him
Reg Hunter Red tries to unload a tank on Reg to use as a tank to cure meat, but Reg declines while hunting for a deer
Fire Brigade Buzz Sherwood To get involved with the fire brigade, Buzz is making his plane into a water bomber
Ranger Gord Gord reviews the current fire danger level
The New Shirt/Casino Ranger Gord Gord is past due on his reports to headquarters
Green Green Ranger Gord Gord offers to help Red get the government grant, that he must first clean up any environmental fractions
Hap Shaughnessy While taking Red into town to mail the application, Hap claims to have been president for a brief time
Fuel Conversion Buzz Sherwood Red needs a ride to town
Hap Shaughnessy Hap recalls designing an "atomic Buick"
The Hidden Mine Bob Stuyvesant Red asks him about the mine
Lake Regulations Ranger Gord Gord has "invented" something
Hap Shaughnessy "I was on the supreme court"
Cross the Lake Race Glen Brachston Trying to keep the bugs off his windshield
Buzz Sherwood The guys want to fly over the nudist camp
The Salmon Parade Bob Stuyvesant Red asks him about parade permits
Dougie Franklin Dougie has ideas for parade floats
The Funniest Video Ranger Gord He has some "funny video" ideas
Buzz Sherwood He wants to be that star of the video
Biosphere Three Ranger Gord Gord offers tips on living in isolation with the biosphere project going on
Reg Hunter Reg makes his "special chowder" while offering legal tips on the biosphere
The Water Park Glen Brachston He is going to Florida during prime season
The Used Helicopter Reg Hunter He has a new sight for his rifle
Hap Shaughnessy Claims to have flown a helicopter in the military
Possum Lake Regatta Glen Brachston Red needs some rope, Glen has a new toy
Bob Stuyvesant Does the department want to join the regatta?
The Retirement Home Joshua Twofeathers Rock Reef Point is illegal to build on
Ranger Gord They discuss Old Man Sedgwick's nest
Slingshot Skiing Bob Stuyvesant They discuss Moose's slingshot
Ranger Gord What happens if you spot a fire?
The Possum Olympics Buzz Sherwood He plans to fly over the games with a banner
Reg Hunter Red needs advice on legal contracts
Possum Lake Monster Ranger Gord Looking for information on the monster
Glen Brachston He tries to make the RV look sportier
The Water Show Hap Shaughnessy Hap is asked to tow the water skiers
Dougie Franklin You need permits and insurance for the show

Season 4[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
The Beef Project Ranger Gord Gord loans Red a book on slaughtering while looking for a new pet
Winston Rothschild Both how to start one's own business and also how to slaughter the newly-inherited cow
The Owl Project Ranger Gord Gord shows a way to track animals in the wild, with their dung
Buzz Sherwood Buzz is disguising his plane as a bird to lure the owl away
The Beer Project Ranger Gord Gord is planning his own nature club for young people who visit the area.
Buzz Sherwood An air safety tip: never fly into a tornado
The Firewood Project Ranger Gord Gord has invented a new nature game to identify trees
Winston Rothschild Red asks for tips on starting a business, but Winston is worried he will soon be out of a job
The Hydrogen Project Buzz Sherwood Buzz is starting his own courier business and tries to add a canoe, affected by the hydrogen, to his fleet
Glen Brachston Glen offers tips for launching your boat and dieting, and also lets Red borrow a propane tank
The Schoolhouse Project Glen Brachston How to fuel your boat safely (and not entirely honestly)
Winston Rothschild Winston offers business tips, but criticizes Red for calling his business "small"
The Firefly Project Ranger Gord Gord is preparing for his correspondence school reunion
Glen Brachston How to improve the look of your boat
The Badger Project Ranger Gord Gord has captured what he thinks is a badger
Winston Rothschild How to make your business more successful
The Conveyor Project Glen Brachston How to wax your boat
Dalton Humphrey Red wants to learn more about collectables
The Electrical Project Winston Rothschild How to use a computer for your business
Buzz Sherwood He plans to protest to nuclear power plant
The Storm Damage Project Dalton Humphrey How to fake that "antique" look
Ranger Gord He is making invitations for a party
The Marine Show Project Buzz Sherwood New air safety rules
Ranger Gord Gord tries to explain what zebra mussels are
The Silver Project Dalton Humphrey He is adding "character" to his junk
Winston Rothschild He has some film for them as well as advice
The Ski & Golf Project Glen Brachston How to store your boat properly
Dalton Humphrey Red tries to unload some junk, Dalton is unhappy
The Auction Project Glen Brachston How to remove the outboard motor from your boat
Dalton Humphrey Has donated a bus load of junk to the auction
The Rustproofing Project Glen Brachston Some things can be preserved under water
Dalton Humphrey Dalton explains how he rips people off
The Movie Project Buzz Sherwood He has a ton of deliveries to make
Ranger Gord What does he do in case of an emergency?
The Painted Leaves Project Ranger Gord Gord teaches Red all about leaves
Buzz Sherwood Buzz suddenly has a whole new personality
The Real Estate Project Glen Brachston How to move a boat on a trailer
Dalton Humphrey City people are moving to Possum Lake
The Stuck Truck Project Glen Brachston How to pull a boat out of the water
Winston Rothschild Red wants to use his truck as a tow vehicle
The Group Photo Project Buzz Sherwood He needs to pass a safety check before he can fly
Winston Rothschild He has some suggestions for the group picture
The Guard Dog Project Ranger Gord He shows off his security system
Dalton Humphrey The difference between an antique and junk
The Mt. Rushmore Project Ranger Gord Red seeks advice on rock carving
Dalton Humphrey The art of bartering
The Catfish Project Buzz Sherwood Buzz needs to clean his plane out
Winston Rothschild Winston is asked about the secret to his success

Season 5[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
Men's Night On The Mountain Buzz Sherwood Buzz has just gone bungee jumping
The Satellite Dish Ranger Gord "How many fires have you spotted?"
Buzz Sherwood Buzz talks about his ATV
The New Doctor Buzz Sherwood Buzz has made a paper mache helmet
The Network Deal Buzz Sherwood Buzz flies a remote control plane
Medieval Times Ranger Gord Gord is building a sprinkler system
Possum Lodge Radio Ranger Gord Seeking donations for the forestry department
X Marks The Spot Ranger Gord Always have a buddy while in the woods
Hap Shaughnessy Hap once wrestled elephants
Sedgwick the Thief Buzz Sherwood Buzz has a new trailer for his plane
The Cement Load Ranger Gord Listening to the sounds of nature
The Gas Shortage Ranger Gord How to avoid getting attacked by a bear
Trout Season Ranger Gord Rescuing people who are lost in the woods
The Lost Dog Ranger Gord How not to get lost in the woods
Hap Shaughnessy Hap claims to be friends with celebrities
The New Statue Ranger Gord Tagging wildlife
One Man's Garbage Buzz Sherwood His plane is missing
The Big Thing Hap Shaughnessy I was once with the Guinness World Record book
Bottled Water Hap Shaughnessy Claims to have invented famous phrases and poems
Floating Church Buzz Sherwood Don't be afraid to admit when you're hurt
Ranger Gord Gord gets a promotion and some "medals"
The Not-Chicken Franchise Ranger Gord How to put out a campfire
The Compost Heap Buzz Sherwood Buzz is attempting a long distance flight
Ranger Gord He takes down today's weather report

Season 7[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
Big Guy Little Guy Sparky Hoover Sparky has Red as a guest on his ham radio program.

Season 8[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
Life Cycle Ranger Gord Gord visits the Lodge to disprove the idea of fighting fire with fire (and also killing two birds with one stone).
Mad About You Ranger Gord Gord visits the Lodge to give a speech about his new hobby.

Season 9[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
Harold's Job Dale Dale asks Red about the Possum Van
The Fishing Derby Ranger Gord Gord asks Red to sign his guest book
Lady In Red Ranger Gord Gord tries to direct animal traffic
Dalton Humphrey Dalton didn't get the movies his wife wanted
Angel Ranger Gord Gord developed some pictures for Red
Dale Dale discusses his college classes
School Bus Blimp Hap Shaughnessy Hap discusses his being in the Korean War, which resulted in him becoming magnetized somehow
Curse of the Mummy Ranger Gord He plans to turn his tower into a museum
Roll Out the Barrels Ranger Gord He has been recording the sounds of nature
Dalton Humphrey He was arrested while chasing aliens
Hurricane Doug Dale Dale "fixes" Red's horn while he is in the restroom
The Auto Club Ranger Gord Gord considers installing fire alarms on all the trees
Too Much Information Dalton Humphrey Dalton almost ran off to live with a leper colony in the Yucatan
Dale Red asks Dale about his love life

Season 10[]

Episode Person(s) visited Summary
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Ranger Gord They discuss the "Christmas Miracle"
Sausage Envy Kelly Cook She complains about the show
Dwight Cardiff Red complains about a recent purchase
What a Dump Ranger Gord Protestors are chained to trees
Winston's Wedding Dalton Humphrey Dalton tries to hide the boat he bought
Man of the Year Dalton Humphrey Dalton pretends to be locked out
Survivor Kelly Cook Red is ordered to appeal to a younger audience
Historic Site Ranger Gord Red suggests that Gord try a personal ad
Barter Starter Dwight Cardiff Red needs the name of his boat changed
The Beaver Dam Dalton Humphrey Red and Mike pick up Dalton to go fishing, but he hadn't told his wife about it
Ranger Gord Gord had been hibernating all winter
No Duct Tape Ranger Gord Gord had been hit by lightning again

Season 11[]

Episode Person(s) Visited Summary
The Whooping Crane Ranger Gord Gord has written a love letter
Y2 Cans Ranger Gord Gord is on strike
The Ghost Of Possum Lodge Winston Rothschild Red gives Winston dating advice
Mike Goes Straight Dalton Humphrey Dalton has been playing paintball
The Fishing Derby Ranger Gord Gord has learned magic tricks

Season 12[]

Episode Person(s) Visited Summary
A Lot Like Christmas Ranger Gord Gord asks people to pity him
Stupid Cupid Ranger Gord Gord decides to change careers

Season 14[]

Episode Person(s) Visited Summary
The Lodge Election Blair Cobden Blair shows Red clips from his snowmobiling show
Fishy CANUSA Games Blair Cobden More clips of Blair taking a trip on his snowmobile

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