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Red's Teen Talk is a long-running segment on The Red Green Show. In this segment, Red Green is seen walking outside, wearing a yellow raincoat and giving the viewers advice about some aspect of life and growing up. This segment, which appeared during seasons 1-7[needs verification] , is very similar to Midlife, where he sits in front a desk by telling stories.

In the Season 8 episode The New Monument, Red was sitting on a park bench, talking to a teenager playing basketball.


Season 1[]

Episode Subject
The UFO Teens' glands
The Treasure Hunt Hunting
Lost Toupee Moving away from home
Problem Outhouse Stupid style choices
Whittling Contest Stay in school
Gun Powder Shakes Voting
Water Tower The practice of "free love"
Canoe Jousting Teenage rebellion
Water Slide Getting your license

Season 3[]

Episode Subject
The Spawning Grounds How to get advice from your parents
Underground Parking The difference between crime on TV and crime in reality
The New Shirt / Casino Red criticizes "classic" movies
Green Green Red blames Shakespeare for promoting sex and violence
The Hidden Mine Teenagers being "the future"
Cross the Lake Race Why don't teens go to church anymore?
The Salmon Parade How to wear a cap properly
Biosphere Three Getting a tattoo
The Water Park Dating and marriage
The Used Helicopter Red discusses violence in movies
The Retirement Home Messages about sex and changes in the culture
Possum Lake Monster Junk food
The Water Show Teens should get themselves a hobby

Season 4[]

Episode Subject
The Owl Project Teens getting their bodies pierced
The Schoolhouse Project The path to a better career
The Conveyor Project Rap music
The Storm Damage Project Carrying guns to school
The Silver Project When you block traffic with your bicycles
The Auction Project Red talks to teens about the way they dress
The Real Estate Project Don't be upset you missed the swinging 60's
The Guard Dog Project Red recently saw a photo of himslf as a teenager
The Catfish Project A word about roller blades

Season 6[]

Episode Subject
The Driving Lesson Minimum wage
The Petting Zoo Your parents spending money on you
The Drill When your parents start copying your style
The House Raising You parents know what you're up to
The Stag Party If you're working hard at school and wondering when does the fun start?
The Suits Who you should go to for advice
High School Reunion Realize that the money in the ATM has to come from somewhere

Season 7[]

Episode Subject
The Strange Ranger Going fast as opposed to going slow
Big Guy Little Guy Red uses video games as a metaphor for reality
Expropriation Red tells about being an example setter
Celebrity The reality about being famous
The Splinter Lodge How to outsmart your parents when asked to clean up your room

Season 8[]

Episode Subject
The New Monument (On a park bench) Red rambles about his trip to a coffee shop.

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