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Red's Campfire Songs is a recurring segment on The Red Green Show in which Red Green and his nephew Harold perform short songs around a campfire at night, which is set inside Possum Lodge, often touching on various aspects of middle-aged life. Red plays a guitar and sings, and Harold usually provides some form of percussion or accompaniment, and occasionally sings along. The segment debuted in Season 1, and ran until Season 8, and was resurrected for one later special.

Campfire songs by season[]

Season 1[]

Episode Subject
He-Man Contest Red's dad's wood stove
Lumberjack Mort
Wind-Powered Boat Strongman Jack
Gun Powder Shakes Tailgating
A nudist camp
Jet Ski Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da
Enchanted Clydesdale Named Garth

Season 3[]

Episode Subject
Maple Syrup Red's butterfly collection
A mighty wind
Car Pool Newborn chili
Illegal farming
The Spawning Grounds Red's grandfather's farm
Magnetic Lake Living alone in the woods
Red's first kiss
Underground Parking How fast you are after poking a mountain lion
Fish talking and dancing on the dock
The Tanks We Get Red's pet turtle Mort
Rosin and violins
Fire Brigade Old Man Sedgewick dancing
A sore arm

Season 4[]

Episode Subject
The Beef Project The first rule of camping
The Owl Project Red imagining he was a racehorse
The Beer Project Crushing beer cans
The Firewood Project Trapper Jack, who hunted bear
The Hydrogen Project Red doesn't mind how he looks
The Schoolhouse Project Going to the cottage amid traffic
The Firefly Project Lost campers
The Badger Project Family sleeping arrangements
The Ski & Golf Project Tucker's Mountain

Season 5[]

Episode Subject
Men's Night On The Mountain Duffy's joints
The Driving Test Identifying by smell
The Satellite Dish Your head
Father and Son Banquet Line-dancing
The New Doctor Fingers are handy
The Network Deal Jersey O'Brien
X Marks The Spot Going fast
Trout Season A well-armed woman
The Lost Dog Singing
The New Statue Flying clothes
The Big Thing Barbecueing
Bottled Water A canoe
Floating Church Halitosis

Season 6[]

Episode Subject
The Science Fair Fat dogs
Sedgewick The Tenant A long whisker
The Driving Lesson Red's uncle and his butter
The Tax Refund Spirits in a campfire
No Church The water
The Petting Zoo Cold air falls
The Stag Party A guy with a car named Sue

Season 7[]

Episode Subject
Running Of The Bulls What happens when you short out a transformer with a ladder
Swiss It Up What happens when you give your car keys to the valet
Adopt-A-Highway Evel Knievel
The Strange Ranger How sausages are made
Big Guy Little Guy Red's uncle Joe
The Movie Turning up the volume on loud songs
Expropriation Stepping on a stinkbug
Celebrity A librarian
Let Me Count The Ways Wedding receptions
The Splinter Lodge Being in the bathroom
The Good Old Hockey Game Different kinds of horses
Step Outside A kidnapped person trapped inside a car trunk
The Town Mall Falling asleep while skydiving
The Winter Carnival Which body parts are attached to which

Season 8[]

Episode Subject
Harold's Leaving Wrinkled dogs
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Dusty Farnes, who drank all the beer in the Lodge
The Cult Visit The tortoise and the hare
College Life The Handyman's Forget-Me-Not Knot
The New Monument Clean-shaven vampires
Free Apricots Shorty O'Toole, who marries a girl who's afraid of heights
The Mayor Race Marry a widow
Better To Give Than Receive Hardhead McCall, who had a speedy boat
Town Services Contract Wishing on a sun
Life Cycle The gates of Heaven
Bingo Was His Name House dampness

Season 14[]

Episode Subject
The Butter Man Cheesy the Christmas rat

Production Notes[]

According to RedGreenJrTV, during the production of Duct Tape Forever, Steve Smith suffered an injury to his hand that rendered him unable to play the guitar anymore. While the segment had been discontinued before the filming of the movie, this incident explains why, with the exception of Cheesy the Christmas Rat, the campfire songs were not brought back to the show when Harold returned.