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Ranger Gord's Educational Films, retitled Ranger Gord's Wilderness Safety Tips in Season 13, are a series of short animated cartoons created, written, produced, directed, animated and voiced by Ranger Gord.

In these cartoons, Gord appears as a muscle-bound superhero-type, and Red and Harold are pictured as a possum and a beaver, respectively. In most cartoons, they are also referred to as "Little Red" and "Little Harold". In "Rock Eggs", Dalton Humphrey and Mike Hamar also make animated appearances as a bear and a raccoon, respectively.

Each cartoon deals with some purportedly educational concept, such as finding one's way out of a forest ("A Sign") or defending one's self from a sasquatch ("Big Foot Defence"). However, virtually every cartoon takes a comedic turn as Gord shows off his enormous ego, usually at Red and Harold's expense.

A total of 23 cartoons were produced between the ninth and thirteenth seasons.

Cartoons by season[]

Season 9[]

Episode Title Summary
Harold's Job Tree Holes Gord claims that holes in trees are said trees' mouths
Coup De Grass Sun Protection Gord tries to actually battle the sun
No Retreat Tree Species Gord claims that telephone poles are trees that grow from cell phones
Too Much Information Rock Eggs Gord reveals that rocks are actually eggs

Season 10[]

Episode Title Summary
Foster Child The Cloud Makers Clouds are made by factories run by beautiful women
Man Of The Year The Rainbow's End The end of a rainbow is very different in reality
Twinning Alien Assumptions Little Red gets abducted by an alien
Out Of The Woods A Sign How to survive in the woods by asking forest spirits for guidance
Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Big Foot Defence How to defend yourself against a sasquatch
Damn You Emu Before The Fire Gord travels through time to prevent a forest fire

Season 11[]

Episode Title Summary
Dalton's Hot Gift Be Ready A forest ranger needs to be ready for anything
Daredevil Lumberjack Gord Gord offers tips on being a lumberjack
Masquerade Marathon Ranger Doolittle Gord tries to talk to animals
Red Green Does New Years Forest New Year's Gord, Little Red and Little Harold try to throw a lucky rock for New Year's

Season 12[]

Episode Title Summary
The IQ Test Feelin' Squirrely Gord explains "Flying Squirrel Day"
The Go Go Bars Northern Lights Gord explains the northern lights
The Moosetrap Pollution Solution Gord asks people to save the planet

Season 13[]

Episode Title Summary
The Drive-Thru Wilderness Safety Tips Gord warns of the danger of avalanches
The String Ball Wilderness Safety Tips Gord explains the need to extinguish campfires properly
Pay It Forward Wilderness Safety Tips Gord gives tips on bird watching
Possum Day Wilderness Safety Tips Gord illustrates the dangers of cliff diving
The Women's Circle Wilderness Safety Tips Gord talks about water safety
Cyber Girl Wilderness Safety Tips Gord tells you what do do if you are chased by wolves

Production Notes[]

The first six segments were written by staff writer Shaun Graham, with the remaining cartoons written by other staff writers. All of them were designed, produced and animated by Bryce Hallett of Frog Feet Productions.

According to RedGreenJrTV, Peter Keleghan (Ranger Gord) really did do all of the voices in these cartoons.

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