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Possum 911 is a short segment on The Red Green Show, featuring Red and Harold as they respond to urgent calls from other Possum Lodge members. This is a parody of the classic CBS show Rescue 911, which aired from 1989-1996. The man in trouble calls a 911-like emergency line, and Harold and Red attempt to resolve his crisis over the phone.

This segment ran only during Season 6.

Possum 911 Calls[]

Season 6[]

Episode Caller Crisis
Sedgwick the Tenant Dougie Franklin Dougie is starving to death
The Tax Refund Unnamed thief (possibly Buzz) The guys calm down a dog that is trying to stop the thief, who sounds a lot like Buzz but is never named
The Poker Game Buzz Sherwood Buzz is totally lost
Maxi Golf Unnamed member My wife wants to buy a minivan
The Church Casino Unnamed member I hate being a stay-at-home dad
The Love Boat Winston Rothschild Winston won't admit he's lost
The New Lease Dalton Humphrey Dalton is home alone and feeling lonely
30 Minutes or Free Unnamed Member

(could be Old Man Sedgewick rumored by some)

A confused old man calls
Real Estate Harold's friend Having trouble with a video game
The Suits Dalton Humphrey

I've fallen and I can't get up