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New Member Night is a segment that ran during the eighth season of The Red Green Show.

In this segment, Red invites an existing Possum Lodge member to introduce a prospective new member and then asks the rest of the Lodge members to vote on whether to let him in.

Each new person has a quirk of some sort that the introducing member finds appealing, and in virtually every case, the introducing member finds a way to convince the rest of the Lodge to admit him usually by giving them an incentive or threatening some alternative action the Lodge wouldn't like.

Every new member featured in this segment is admitted to the Lodge, though most of them never appear again in later episodes. A couple of new members reappear in the Lodge Meetings.

According to a commentary by Steve Smith in the Stuffed and Mounted DVD set, the actors would pick a random member of the studio audience to stand on stage while they made jokes about him.

New Members[]

Episode Name Introduced By Notable For... How They Got Approved
Harold's Leaving Mitchell Thick Winston Rothschild Owns a manure spreading service. Mitchell has a bass boat that can fit eight people.
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Birchum J. Merdim Ranger Gord Has named every shrub between Possum Lake and Port Asbestos. Red was informed that Birchum can take Ranger Gord on walks away from the lodge.
The Cult Visit "Stan" Edgar Montrose Edgar blew up his house. He wanted to be admitted into the Lodge and have the members build him a new house. Any of the Lodge members who help "Stan" build his new house can help themselves to some kindling from the remains of his old one.
College Life Hector "Looney" Sanders Arnie Dogan Drummer in Arnie's band, good with a hammer and a nail and not much else. Arnie was going to sing protest songs in front of the lodge 24/7 unless Looney was approved.
The New Monument Jack Battersby Hap Shaughnessy Hap claims he was asked to manage The Beatles, became irresistible to women. Jack doesn't talk like Hap.
Free Apricots Bugsy Hammerhan Mike Hamar Would make the lodge more secure, has a criminal record. With Bugsy's criminal record, the police would suspect him of most crimes instead of the other Lodge members.
The Mayor Race Elmo Ray Thornton Earl Battersby Was abducted by aliens and changed genders, has scars on his lower back to prove it. Earl said that if the Lodge members weren't convinced by his claim that Elmo was abducted, Elmo can show them his scars.
Town Services Contract Sid Larson Dalton Humphrey Dalton wants his daughter to date him, runs the weigh station in Port Asbestos, being a tightwad. If Sid gets in, the bank will approve the loan the Lodge requested.