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Men Anonymous is a segment on The Red Green Show featuring a self-help program for the members of Possum Lodge. Each Men Anonymous segment is set in the Lodge basement where the usual Lodge Meeting takes place and is patterned after so-called "Twelve Step" programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. One of the men of the Lodge will be introduced by himself, as well as being introduced usually by Harold, then share a story with the other members about a recent event in which he either "acted like a man" or successfully avoided doing so. The rest of the members usually show solidarity and support for the speaker when he's finished sharing his story.

This segment ran from season six to season eight. It is the origin of the Man's Prayer: "I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." After this segment finished its run, the Man's Prayer was incorporated into the Lodge Meeting at the end of every episode. The Man's Prayer was modified in the series finale: "I'm a man, but I changed, because I had to. Oh well."

Men Anonymous sessions by season[]

Season 6[]

Episode Speaker Summary
The Science Fair Dalton Humphrey Did the laundry for the first time
No Church Buzz Sherwood Tried to fix a barbecue, but failed to read the instructions on it
Good Government Red Green Red remembered to put the seat down
Dalton Humphrey Dalton avoided the hardware store while out shopping with his wife
The Drill Dalton Humphrey Dalton has decided to throw out and then keep a useless mechanical device
Bernice's Birthday Dalton Humphrey Dalton gave his wife the remote when he couldn't find anything to watch
The House Raising Buzz Sherwood Buzz almost resisted the urge to fix household appliances
The Girlfriend Dalton Humphrey Dalton uses too many tools for a simple job
The Baseball Tryouts Buzz Sherwood Buzz discovers how to fake listening to his girlfriend
The Stag Party Dougie Franklin Dougie resisted the urge to criticize a stranger who was changing his tire
The High School Reunion Red Green Red let his wife pick out the new couch

Season 7[]

Episode Speaker Summary
The Implosion Dougie Franklin Lost the TV remote for an hour and, during that time, could not change the channel
Celebrity Ranger Gord How Gord's loneliness led him to dream about women on old TV shows
Step Outside Dalton Humphrey Dalton's wife gave advice on driving while running an errand and Dalton let her do so

Season 8[]

Episode Speaker Summary
Life Cycle Winston Rothschild Chatted with a fellow passenger on a plane trip, but never explained about sewage