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Male Call is a recurring segment on The Red Green Show, in which Harold reads letters from fans about the show and Red responds to them by talking to the camera though in some cases, he doesn't get that far. Beginning in Season 4[needs verification] , Harold begins the segment by saying "It's Male Call!" and ringing a bell loudly.

The segment gets its name from its first-season appearances, where it was introduced with a crudely-constructed computer-generated title using the word "Male". There has been no indication in any later episodes that the title was ever changed to "Mail Call", so the name stuck. Beginning in Season 3 and ran until the end of the series, Male Call was replaced by The Experts, which also features letters from fans. However, most letters in The Experts ask for advice of various kinds, while Male Call letters tend to focus more on the show in both good and bad ways. This segment ran from Seasons 1-6, and was dropped when the show moved to CBC in 1997.

It is not known how many of the letters read in either of these segments were real.


Season 1[]

Episode Subject
The Big Inboard Harold reads letters from teenagers
The Elvis Sighting A fan wants to start a far club
The UFO Have you ever done a segement on snowmobiles?
The Treasure Hunt Jokes are told about life in the Yukon
Practical Joke Week What to do about a bored recently retired man
Home Barber-Kit A letter about saving the environment
He-Man Contest How do I meet a girl (and keep it secret from my wife)
Guest Elephant Tips on buying a used car
Exotic Dancer Can I have your autograph?
Lost Toupee How can I spice up my sex life?
Talent Show What to do about an emergency gunshot wound
Problem Outhouse Can you do anything about my lawn?
Whittling Contest What's the diffence between large cat species
Wind-Powered Boat Red is asked about his new nickname
Hot Water Bottle Red gives sevaral short answers and a long one
Lodge Visitor What would you pay to solve the world's problems?
Gun Powder Shakes Why isn't your show more like Dick Van Dyke?
Safety Week Whay aren't there any women on your show?
Bad Chili I love the production and directon of the show
Water Tower Can you really make explosives with cake mix?
Jet-Ski Is wrestling really fake? Where did you get your truck?
Canoe Jousting White wine or red? What's with the extra cutlery?
Water Slide They tackle deep philosophical questions

Season 4[]

Episode Subject
The Owl Project A fan with bad handwriting
The Conveyor Project Considering art as a carrer
The Marine Show Project Have you ever tried a Meps Cyclops?
The Auction Project A prisoner is encouraging his friends to watch
The Painted Leaves Project How do I tell if she finds me handsome or handy?
The Guard Dog Project How old are you?
The Mt. Rushmore Project What's your favorite power tool?
The Catfish Project Some people say the Red Green Show is for idots

Season 5[]

Episode Subject
Possum Lodge Radio The miracle of childbirth
The Lost Dog What makes you laugh?
The Big Thing A very complementary letter (mailed to the wrong place)
The Floating Church Does everyone in Canada speak French?
The Compost Heap A viewer sent in pictures of his recent fishing trip
Homemade Cheese A letter written on a broken typewriter

Season 6[]

Episode Subject
The House Raising A letter from the Chez family
Real Estate My husband's whisting gets on my nerves
Harold's Wheels I think I was your first love, do you remember me?

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