One of Bill's most notable aspects as a character on The Red Green Show is his uncanny ability to pull virtually anything out of his overalls (an example of hammerspace). Bill, the star of Adventures With Bill, has been known to pull all manner of objects out of his pants, ranging from very small items like washers and small tools, all the way up to fishing rods, rifles and even a full-size toilet. How he manages to do this and still walk around, nobody knows.

Note: This list excludes normally-sized items that come from Bill's pockets. Items in this list have been taken from inside his overalls and would generally be unusual items to find there.

Items by SeasonEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode Object(s)
He-Man Contest A knife with a long blade
Talent Show A tent including pegs and hammer

Season 3Edit

Episode Object(s)
Maple Syrup Two matchboxes and a cigarette lighter

Season 5Edit

Episode Object(s)
The Satellite Dish A hacksaw and bungee cords
Father and Son Banquet Some rope and a box cutter

Season 6Edit

Episode Object(s)
The Tax Refund A roll of duct tape (pulled by Red)
The Petting Zoo A frying pan, some pantyhose and several eggs containing pantyhose

Season 7Edit

Episode Object(s)
Swiss It Up Several yo-yos
Big Guy Little Guy A bottle of ether
The Winter Carnival A sled

Season 8Edit

Episode Object(s)
Neither Rain Nor Sleet A fishing rod and a rifle
College Life An electric chainsaw, an extension cord, and a gas-powered chainsaw
Free Apricots A long rope with a grappling hook
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Two axes
Bingo Was His Name A pick, a brush, two shovels and a small table

Season 14Edit

Episode Object(s)
Red's Hot Sauce

Two crossbows and a set of arrows

Season 15Edit

Episode Object(s)
There's No Place Like the Home


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