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Life and Times is a segment that ran during seasons 9 and 10 of the show. This segment was presented in the style of A&E's Biography, in which the segment took place in the office, where the Midlife segments were shown, and was hosted by Red. The segment featured photographs of Possum Lodge members growing up, along with interviews from people, and it was narrated by Red.

The People[]

Season 9[]

Episode Name Notable for
Lady In Red Honest John Jonassen
  • Former mayor of Possum Lake, who promised big but delivered the opposite
  • Could not understand how the town didn't have a Rolls-Royce dealership when he first came
  • Wanted Hap Shaughnessy to help in Possum Lake's bid for the 1986 Winter Olympics, but Hap declined
  • Sold timeshare deals in the south, but guests were wanted by the law and definitely not from Florida as John claimed
  • Ran a pyramid scheme involving real pyramids with three levels of government funding
  • Thought to have fled Possum Lake by swimming across the lake with his pockets full of parking meter coins.
Rent A Wreck The Manning Triplets
  • Named Snap, Crackle and Pop, all boys
  • Born as an idea of the local town to capitalize on the birth of the Dionne quintuplets
  • Town never got the anticipated income and the mayor was turfed out of office after being named the triplets' true father
  • Went on to play baseball, serve in the Army postal corps and then receive medical discharge
  • Went to work for the post office and went on compensation before retiring in 1987
The Battle Call Roderick Featherstone
  • Was born Web Switzer
  • Was a Hollywood movie star in some really old and bad films, always in the role of "hero's best friend"
  • Wanted Dalton Humphrey to appear in a play called "Death of a Salesman"
  • Is responsible for the Possum Lake Little Theater, the government grant players and a still-controversial nude scene
Guinness World Records Brainy Clogfield
  • Joined the circus as Slappo the Three-Legged Clown
  • Turned a mansion into an amusement attraction about the human reproductive system
  • Disappeared one night, leaving behind his third leg

Season 10[]

Episode Name Notable for
Foster Child Diamond Jim Brady
  • The first to put zippers in men's pants
  • Several attempts did not work out: the first pair of pants had the zipper put in horizontally and the next pair had the zipper close by pulling down rather than up
  • Wound up selling the factory to his workers and the business shut down soon after

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