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If It Ain't Broke, You're Not Trying is a segment on The Red Green Show hosted by Red Green, in which Red repairs (or attempts to repair) various objects and tools brought in by other Lodge members. As usual, Red's solution to most any repair project is to use duct tape, though there are some cases where the item doesn't actually need fixing at all.

This segment ran between the seventh and thirteenth seasons.

Items Fixed[]

Season 7[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
Running Of The Bulls Dalton Humphrey A tennis racquet (irreparable)
Swiss It Up Hap Shaughnessy A hockey stick that was supposedly autographed by the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs
The Implosion Arnie Dogan Arnie's guitar - Arnie wants to give it more "character"
Adopt-A-Highway Edgar Montrose A dining room set for refinishing (irreparable)
Expropriation Hap Shaughnessy A broken picture frame
Let Me Count The Ways Edgar Montrose A steering wheel from Edgar's car
Pardi Gras Buzz Sherwood A toaster, which somehow has Buzz's wallet stuck in it (irreparable)
The Good Old Hockey Game Hap Shaughnessy A fireplace grate
Step Outside Edgar Montrose A hammer
The Town Mall Arnie Dogan Arnie's arm
The Winter Carnival Mike Hamar A stethoscope

Season 8[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
House Moving Edgar Montrose An umbrella (irreparable), and Edgar's hat
College Life Hap Shaughnessy A poster of the Mona Lisa
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Hap Shaughnessy Christmas lights
Edgar Montrose A snow cannon
Dalton Humphrey Christmas lights

Season 9[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
Rent A Wreck Dalton Humphrey A remote control (irreparable)
Curse Of The Mummy Hap Shaughnessy A lie detector
No Retreat Edgar Monrose An explosives locator
The Auto Club Dalton Humphrey A jammed gumball machine
Too Much Information Mike Hamar A locked suitcase

Season 11[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
New Job In Town Dwight Cardiff A garbage disposal
Mike Goes Straight Winston Rothschild A customer's mailbox (irreparable)
The Fishing Derby Mike Hamar A police car radio
Harold's Dilemma Dalton Humphrey A waffle iron
Red Green Does New Years Mike Hamar An inflatable pool chair

Season 12[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
Possum Air Hap Shaughnessy An answering machine
A Lot Like Christmas Edgar Montrose Edgar gives advice on gift giving

Season 13[]

Episode Guest Item to be fixed
The Spelling Bee Hap Shaughnessy A pair of boxing gloves
Pay It Forward Edgar Montrose Edgar needs some jars opened
Ranger Harold Hap Shaughnessy Hap needs his tap shoes repaired

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