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8th Season, Episode 163 (Transcript | Credits)
Harold's Leaving Ep. Guide Neither Rain Nor Sleet

Red and the guys try to move an old building by balancing it on a bunch of pickup trucks.

Cast (in order of appearance): Red Green, Harold Green, Moose Thompson (mentioned), Mike Hamar, Old Man Sedgewick (mentioned), Bill Smith, Edgar Montrose, Flinty McClintock (mentioned), Buzz Sherwood (mentioned)

DVD: The Red Green Show – 1998 Season

Segment Summary[]

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Plot: Red's plan to build a racetrack is being blocked by an old building, which Harold explains is the original Possum Lodge. So Red and his pals decide to move the building to a safer spot. Harold insists that the men use real professionals to do the job, because they have a vehicle that has 40 wheels for it. Red insists that they have something like it, a vehicle with 52 wheels, thirteen pickup trucks. Red goes on to say that they will be using a hundred car jacks to raise the house into the air and with seven trucks positioned in the front and six trucks in the back end, the house will sit atop the flat beds as they move it along. Once they get the building on top of the trucks, Red assigns Harold to supervise the move, by having him hug the chimney on the roof. In the end, Red learns that the house is gone forever. Harold explains why: the house caught on fire and, directly or indirectly, destroyed various other historical buildings.

Opening Scene: Red uses his van's wheels to keep a can of paint mixed.

The Possum Lodge Word Game: Mike tries to guess the word "beverage" to win the opportunity to have the Possum Lake Credit Union to tear up his mortgage free of charge.

Handyman Corner: Red creates a backhoe, using a luxury car, a ladder, a trashcan and a Thighmaster.

Midlife: When you get older, you can start telling the truth.

Adventures With Bill: A trout fishing contest for Red and Bill goes south when Bill gets a trout caught in his pants.

If It Ain't Broke, You're Not Trying: Edgar brings in a totaled umbrella that Red can't fix. Instead, Red decides to repair Edgar's hat.

Fun Facts[]


  • "Bimmer" is slang for a BMW vehicle.
  • The device Red uses on the ladder in Handyman Corner is a Thighmaster.
  • Shingles is a secondary disease caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox in humans.


  • Peter Keleghan (Ranger Gord) is listed in the opening credits for this episode, but does not actually make an appearance.

Inside References[]

Real-World References[]

  • During the Word Game, Red mentions the convenience store chain, 7-Eleven.