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This article is about the segment. For the 9th Season episode, see Harold's Job.

Harold at the Office is a segment of The Red Green Show in which Red visits his nephew Harold at his job at Multicorp. The segment usually centers around Harold as he adapts to life in the city and adjusts to his new job.

This segment ran only in the 9th Season.

Office visits[]

Episode Topic
The Fishing Derby Red is worried abut Harold living in the big city
Lady In Red Red panics when Harold's computer crashes after he fools around with it
Angel Red brings Harold some mementos from home
School Bus Blimp Harold has been overdoing it on post-its
Rent A Wreck Red and the boys stop by for Harold's birthday, much to Harold's embarrassment
Curse Of The Mummy Harold catches his uncle stealing supplies from the utility closet
Roll Out the Barrels Harold has recently been humiliated at work
The Battle Call Red gives his nephew dating advice
Hurricane Doug Red tries to use Harold's office phone
Guinness World Records Harold gets a call from a corporate headhunter
The Auto Club Red encourages Harold to visit the lodge to play devil's advocate for the lodge members' bad ideas, even though it would have no effect on them
Too Much Information Harold is now a secretary with a female boss, which really surprises Red

Production notes[]