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Throughout seasons 1 and 3, Harold hosted some segments of his own. Most of these stories are aimed at a younger generation of viewers relating to the show. During these segments, Harold tells a story about bugging him, as well as offering advice to his fellow teenagers. This latter subject became more prevalent in Season 3. They usually follow the same general format, even ending in much the same way with Red entering the room to close the segment. Harold would continue to host similar segments in later seasons, focusing more specifically on people's hobbies, and his own version of Handyman Corner.


Season 1[]

Episode Subject
The Big Inboard Harold talks about sex
The Elvis Sighting Your first date with a girl
The UFO Harold against war
The Treasure Hunt Harold tackles the big questions
Practical Joke Week Harold talks about music videos
Home Barber-Kit Harold complains about bullies
He-Man Contest Shopping with your mom
Guest Elephant Harold talks about pixie sticks
Exotic Dancer Progress: friend or foe?
Lost Toupee Celebrity profiles
Talent Show Cleaning my room
Problem Outhouse Public speaking

Season 3[]

Episode Segment Title Subject
Maple Syrup What's Wrong With Those Goofy Adults??? Adults are boring
Car Pool Bully Proofing How to fend off bullies at school
The Spawning Grounds The Harold News Network (HNN) A news program relevant to teenagers
Magnetic Lake If I Were God What would you do if you were God
Underground Parking Possum Lodge Cadets A version of Possum Lodge for teenagers
The Tanks We Get Thiz Iz The Biz How to start your own TV show
Fire Brigade Dating Above Your Station How to get a date with a girl who's out of your league
The New Shirt/Casino Jigging To The Mast How to form your own band
Green Green Teachers Are People II How to get along with your teachers
Fuel Conversion Great Film Directors Of The 20th Century Great film directors
The Hidden Mine Hanging With Harold Forming "good gangs" that perform drive-by science lessons
Lake Regulations Dr. Harold's Teen Phone-In Sex Show A new sex phone-in show
Cross The Lake Race HTV A new music video show
The Salmon Parade Stag Dancing Dancing at stag parties
The Funniest Video How To Hurt People's Feelings Allowing nerds to respond to their detractors
Biosphere Three Handyteen's Corner Harold's version of Handyman Corner
The Water Park Sex Myths Exposing popular sex myths
The Used Helicopter Movie Revue Day Movie reviews
Possum Lake Regatta Wrapping With The Man How to talk to the police
The Retirement Home Guest For The Presidency Elect Harold for Class President
Slingshot Skiing Posture For Popularity Posture can make you look good
The Possum Olympics Dance Machine Showing shy teens how to dance
Possum Lake Monster Cool Hair How to achieve and maintain cool hair
The Water Show Safe Sex Getting serious about safe sex

Unnamed segments[]

In addition to the above segments, Harold occasionally hosts (or at least prominently appears in) segments that don't have any specific name but serve a similar purpose.

Episode Subject
The Beer Project Harold demonstrates the proper way to invite someone over for dinner.
The Hydrogen Project Red and Harold discuss smoking while fishing in a small stream.
The Schoolhouse Project Red and Harold discuss bank loans as Harold gives Red a lift into town (by carrying him on his back).

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