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Harold's Hobby House is a segment of The Red Green Show hosted by Harold Green, in which Harold invites guests to discuss and demonstrate their hobbies. Some of Harold's guests are regular Lodge members, while others are special guests that have otherwise not been featured on the show. The most notable example is Frank Kepke, a hot dog enthusiast played by Colin Mochrie.

This segment ran during the show's last two seasons.

Harold's Guests[]

Season 14[]


Guest Hobby
Red's Hot Sauce Frank Kepke Making things out of hot dogs
False Idol Glen Brachston Glen's coffee cup collection
The Grapes of Wrath Dalton Humphrey Coin collecting
Hoard of the Flies Hap Shaughnessy Art appraisal
Bye Bye Bonnie Edgar Montrose Sculpt art

Season 15[]

Episode Guest Hobby
The Folk Art Convention Glen Brachston Slot car set
Cell Hell Edgar Montrose Leaving things on the train tracks
Rites of Passage Ed Frid Animal Traps
Rain Man Winston Rothschild Home decor items
Toe the Line Mike Hamar Old keys

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