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During the fourth season, there were several quick scenes in which Harold would look at a clipboard and read from it, showing off an announcement of some sort on it. Usually, there is an item for sale, but there are other things announced as well.


The following announcements are shown in chronological order.

Episode Announcement(s)
The Beef Project Ranger Gord is having a pajama party
The Owl Project A set of bagpipes for sale
An AMC Pacer for sale
The Firewood Project An '86 Plym Reli for sale
The Firefly Project Stinky Peterson lost his pet tarantula
The Conveyor Project Moose has figured out how to stop his VCR from flashing 12:00
The Storm Damage Project Stinky, Moose and Red all want a new nicknames
The Auction Project The local nudist club is holding it's annual dance
The Movie Project A vague request for an item
The Group Photo Project Someone hopes to get $500 for an antique hope chest
The Guard Dog Project Stinky has single shoes for sale found along the side of the road
The Catfish Project For sale: a do-it-yourself mink kit, mink coat, mink hat, mink jacket, mink stole
Wanted: any and all Kathy Lee Gifford albums
For sale: a gas barbecue in bad shape
Will the owner of this piece of crap car please buy a new one?

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