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Hap Shaughnessy (Gordon Pinsent) is the water taxi captain of Possum Lake, but he is better known for being a teller of extremely tall tales. At virtually every opportunity, Hap makes a wild and unbelievable claim to have done something extraordinary, to have some special status in the world, etc. No matter how impossible or improbable the claim, if Hap can claim to have done it, he will.

Hap's profile[]

  • Sex: Abstainer
  • Eye Color: Brown because he's full of it
  • Address: Fantasyland
  • Weight: The more he talks, the lighter he gets
  • Date of Birth: Varies with each anecdote
  • Hair Color: Unbelievable
  • Aliases: Too numerous to list

Actor Notes[]

  • Gordon Pinsent loosely based his character on his actual brother, Hap Pinsent.
  • Hap is almost always seen wearing a Royal Canadian Regiment baseball cap, which is a nod to Pinsent's own military service as a soldier in the Regiment during the early 1950s.

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