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Handyman Corner is the longest-running segment on The Red Green Show, appearing in all 300 half-hour episodes during all 15 seasons. In this segment, Red Green demonstrates a handyman-type project usually in an effort to show how one can be lazy. Projects range from the simple replacing a car headlight as well as making a batch of chili to the complicated and even ridiculous turning a car into a backhoe, as well as a Zamboni, getting the Possum Van to run on propane, making a neon sign with his nephew Harold, as well as creating a rocket engine out of a water heater. While most of Red's inventions actually work, some don't turn out quite right and a few have ended in disaster. Handyman Corner is the place where Red extols the virtues of duct tape most often. He uses it in virtually every project, and even finds a use for the empty rolls by turning them into a rack for a "beer cellar" in one episode. At the end of each Handyman Corner segment, Red would say the catchphrase, "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Another aspect of Handyman Corner segments involving vehicles other than the Possum Van is the almost-exclusive usage of 1980's-model sedans and coupes, most notably Chrysler K platform cars. In a similar segment, Red offers quick tips for handymen everywhere, such as keeping your tools close by and remembering to turn off your power drills. In the first five seasons, these segments took place in a workshop with a few segments outdoors. Starting in Season 6, all Handyman Corner segments took place outdoors for the remainder of the show's run. In the Season 3 episode Biosphere Three, Harold hosted his own version of the segment titled "Handyteen's Corner", where he shows you how to build a fake Walkman out of a piece of blackwood and black string. Harold closes with a slight twist on the catchphrase: "Remember, if the cheerleaders don't find you handsome, at least they should ask to do their homework for them".

Handyman Corner Projects by Season[]

Season 1[]

Episode Project
The Big Outboard How to use a belt sander
The Elvis Sighting More uses for an electric drill
The UFO How to finish a chair using a bunch of hair dryers
The Treasure Hunt Building a beer cooler out of a toilet tank
Practical Joke Week Building an elevator out of a garage door opener
Home Barber-Kit Red puts eight extra headlights on his car
He-Man Contest Turning a stove into a reclining chair
Guest Elephant Making a jet-powered car using fire extinguishers
Exotic Dancer Building a portable phone
Lost Toupee Making an adjustable bed out of a ping pong table
Talent Show Fixing a VCR
Problem Outhouse Red checks his lawn mower and finds out the engine has seized
Whittling Contest How to attach a spare tire using duct tape
Wind-Powered Boat Replacing a burned-out headlight
Hot Water Bottle Turning a freezer into a coffin
Lodge Visitor Making a basketball net out of a crinoline
Gun Powder Shakes How to fix dents and scrapes using ordinary tools
Safety Week How to fix a toaster
Bad Chili Installing an air conditioner into the Possum Van
Water Tower How to make your own gull-wing doors for a '78 Ford Granada
Jet Ski Red demonstrates substitute tools
New Well How to winch a canoe into a trailer
Canoe Jousting Turning a car into a gardening center
Water Slide How to fix your windshield

Season 2[]

Episode Project
The Putter Attack Making a dishwasher out of a fridge
Doc's Loan How to make your own homemade lathe
Missing Turning a water tank into a one-man submarine
The Receipt-A-Thon Making your own personal safety air bag
The Sing Along Machine Rustproofing a car with linoleum
Bear!!! Trying to scare off bears with some Hawaiian shirts
The Bad Check-Up Making patio lanterns out of used containers
The Four-Man Raft Red demonstrates some useful things to do with old oil drums
Skeet Golf Turning a fridge into an armoire
The Broken Water Pump Changing the oil in a car
The Illegal Clubs Making a moped with a bike and a chainsaw
Animals In The Attic How to make a sofa bed out of plastic milk crates
The Party Boat Sank Making a raincoat using tablecloths and a glue gun
The Food Club Any tool can be used as a hammer
The Fish Locator How to repair your transmission
The Bent Canoe How to make all sorts of things out of tin
Job Security Turning a canoe into a grandfather clock
Noel's Stag Using a car engine to make things for the kitchen
Bob's Birthday Turning a washroom hand dryer into a leaf blower
The Sudsy Lake What to do with a garden hose after you run over it with your lawn mower
The Gun Mishap Turning a car hood into a toboggan
The Double Date How to make decorative plaster molding for your home or cottage
The Florida Trip Red makes a pool table out of things he found in the back yard
Not One Fish Making a reclining rocker out of an old wooden chair and a barbecue grill

Season 3[]

Episode Project
Maple Syrup Making a windsurfer out of a patio table
Car Pool Making an intercom system out of old toilets
The Spawning Grounds Making the ultimate tool belt
Magnetic Lake Making a kiddie ride out of a laundry pole and a clothesline
Underground Parking Turning a barbecue into scuba gear
The Tanks We Get Turning a clothes dryer into a personal sauna
Fire Brigade Making a gardening machine out of a double bed
The New Shirt/Casino Using high voltage to cook a seven-pound roast
Green Green How to replace the webbing in a lawn chair using duct tape
Fuel Conversion Making a self-cooled chair
The Hidden Mine Turning an old car into a bicycle
Lake Regulations Turning an old canoe into a porch swing
Cross The Lake Race Turning a patio umbrella into a satellite dish
The Salmon Parade Making a full set of living room furniture out of car parts
The Funniest Video How to put up a wall in your basement
Biosphere Three New ways to use a step ladder
The Water Park Ways to discourage tailgaters
The Used Helicopter Turning an old toaster into a CD player
Possum Lake Regatta Building a cabin cruiser out of plastic pop bottles
The Retirement Home Red makes a gift for the special lady in his life
Slingshot Skiing Turning two old bikes into an inexpensive boat trailer
The Possum Olympics An introduction to supply-side plumbing
Possum Lake Monster Making a clock out of beer bottles
The Water Show Making a reclining chair out of steel-belted tires

Season 4[]

Episode Project
The Beef Project Making a tombstone out of various car parts
The Owl Project Making a duck blind out of a used car
The Beer Project Installing an ice and water dispenser into a refrigerator
The Firewood Project How to split logs
The Hydrogen Project Making a water purification system out of, among other things, a trashcan, halitosis pills and kitty litter
The Schoolhouse Project Making school more fun for kids
The Firefly Project How to control insects
The Badger Project Making an animal trap out of an old pair of pants
The Conveyor Project Building a personal conveyor belt
The Electrical Project Generating electricity with a bicycle
The Storm Damage Project Using a stock car for advertising
The Marine Show Project Building a huge aquarium
The Silver Project How to make a portable projection system
The Ski & Golf Project Making an indoor driving range
The Auction Project Turning an old bed into a rotating sign
The Rustproofing Project How to make a continuous car washer
The Movie Project How to make a telescope
The Painted Leaves Project Turning a leaf pile into a couch
The Real Estate Project How to make a heart-lung machine
The Stuck Truck Project Turning a car into a tank
The Group Photo Project Red creates the handyman beauty treatment
The Guard Dog Project How to build your own home security system
The Mt. Rushmore Project How to make your own portable snack counter
The Catfish Project How to make a stretch fishing boat

Season 5[]

Episode Project
Men's Night On The Mountain Turning a grocery cart into a lounge chair, complete with snacks
The Driving Test How to fool radar traps
The Satellite Dish Combining the experiences of driving and watching TV
Father and Son Banquet Making a girl's bedroom suite out of used tires and car parts
The New Doctor Making a golf caddy out of a bicycle and some plastic pipes
The Vertical Grandstand How to bond metals
The Network Deal The fine art of packing
Medieval Times Making a courier device out of a crossbow
Van Go Burglar-proofing your car
Possum Lodge Radio Turning an outhouse into a phone booth
X Marks The Spot Making a lawn roller out of two dryers and a bicycle
Sedgwick The Thief Turning an ordinary car into a cable car
The Cement Load Making a hovercraft out of a boat]]
The Gas Shortage Turning the Possum Van into a huge gas tank
Trout Season Making hip waders to hold all of one's fishing gear
The Lost Dog Keeping your dog from running away
The New Statue Making a non-chemical bug repellent
One Man's Garbage Building your own trash compactor
The Big Thing Making an elevated observation chair
Bottled Water Making a robot that runs on hooch
Floating Church Making a life preserver out of jelly
The Not-Chicken Franchise Building your own neon sign
The Compost Heap Red demonstrates his planting technique
Homemade Cheese Red offers tips on pest control

Season 6[]

Episode Project
The Science Fair How to make a 90-degree angle cut using a tablesaw
Sedgwick The Tenant Making a fire truck out of a car
The Driving Lesson Making an air hockey game out of two clothes dryers
The Tax Refund Making boat transportation easy by mating the boat and a boat trailer together
No Church Making electric roller blades out of old floor polishers and skis
The Petting Zoo Installing skylights (in the form of fish tanks) into a van
Good Government Making pants fit with hat-blocking technology
The Poker Game Building a James Bond-style jet pack
The Drill Converting a front-wheel-drive car into rear-wheel
Maxi Golf Refinishing an old coffee table
Bernice's Birthday Repainting the Possum Van
The Church Casino Turning a toolbox into a slow cooker
The House Raising Hanging a door on an outhouse
The Love Boat Stripping paint off of a lawn chair
The Girlfriend Fetching the fridge from in front of the TV
The New Lease Making homemade beer
The Baseball Tryouts Some new uses for old record albums
30 Minutes Or Free Installing a winch on the front of the van
Fund Raiser Creating a macrowave oven
Real Estate Making a batting machine out of a lawn mower
The Stag Party Turning a freezer into a hot tub
The Suits Retreading tires
The High School Reunion Improving gas mileage
Harold's Wheels Building a mobile sports bar

Season 7[]

Episode Project
Running Of The Bulls Making a Hummer out of two regular cars
Swiss It Up Making an Airstream trailer out of a boat trailer, a boat and various appliance doors
The Implosion Making a motorcycle with a sidecar out of a bicycle and a riding mower
Adopt-A-Highway Making a barbecue out of a bathtub
The Strange Ranger Converting the Possum Van into an R.V.
Big Guy Little Guy Turning a car into a tow truck
The Movie Making a man-sized espresso machine out of a hot water heater
Expropriation Turning a van into a convertible
The Stool Pigeons Having a kitchen double as a workshop and vice-versa
Celebrity Customizing a used police car
Let Me Count The Ways Making a "cigarette car" out of a city bus
Pardi Gras Making tires out of shoes
The Splinter Lodge Turning a refrigerator into a den
The Good Old Hockey Game Turning the Possum Van into a snowplow
Step Outside Melting snow in a driveway using a stove
The Town Mall Converting the Possum Van to run on propane
The Winter Carnival Making a Zamboni out of a K-car

Season 8[]

Episode Project
Harold's Leaving Making a boat out of heating ducts
House Moving Making a backhoe out of a luxury car, a ladder and a trash can
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Making your own pacemaker out of a condom (which he refers to as a balloon), a tape recorder and an alarm clock
The Cult Visit Turning a car into a riding lawn mower
College Life Making a "puppy-go-round" out of a power auger and a car door
The New Monument Teen-proofing a car
Free Apricots Making a jack out of boards so you can lift up a car and work on its tires
The Mayor Race Using a car alternator to power your house
Better To Give Than Receive Converting a garage into a car wash
Town Services Contract Turning a car into a complete workout gym
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Making a one-horse open sleigh out of a K-car
Life Cycle Possum Lodge Fire Engine Chili
Mad About You Repairing a broken cane chair with a garden hose
Bingo Was His Name Customizing a car for character

Season 9[]

Episode Project
Harold's Job Cleaning out the garbage in a car
The Fishing Derby How to easily get in and out of tight parking spaces
Lady In Red Making a huge automatic bread-maker out of a washing machine
The Bachelor Auction What to do with a lawnmower, a ladder and a kid's bike
Angel Turning a car into a forklift
School Bus Blimp Making an automatic paint sprayer out of an old washing machine
Coup De Grass Making a big-screen TV with surround sound
Rent A Wreck Repaving a driveway with apples
Curse Of The Mummy Making a garden centerpiece out of a bicycle and a set of drums
Roll Out The Barrels Making cribbage boards by drilling holes in regular boards
No Retreat Making a mechanical arm for the Possum Van to carry out trash
The Battle Call Turning a car into a boat carrier that doubles as an amphibious car
Hurricane Doug Converting a van into a mobile refrigeration unit
Guinness World Records Making a backyard swing out of an old car seat
The Auto Club Making a dump truck out of a car and a set of ladders
Too Much Information Making a snowball cannon out of a baseball pitching machine

Season 10[]

Episode Project
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Cooking Christmas dinner while driving to your relatives' house
Sausage Envy Making a snowmobile out of, among other things, a hot water heater and a pair of skis
Foster Child Making a revolving restaurant out of a rural dining tent
What A Dump Making an automated firewood chopper
Winston's Wedding Making a stretch limo out of two vans and a pickup truck
Man Of The Year Making a riverboat paddle-wheeler out a van (a Ford Aerostar)
Survivor Making a four-station workshop out of a four-wheel drive vehicle
Historic Site Making a hedge trimmer out of roller blades and a fishing rod
Twinning Turning hockey gear into fishing gear
Lunar Eclipse Turning the Possum Van into an air boat
Barter Starter Making an outside elevator out of a phone booth and a hot water heater
Out Of The Woods Making a calliope using car exhaust
Cheap Jeep Making decorative pottery with kitchen appliances
DNA All The Way Making a bush buggy with chain-link fence wrapped around knobby tires
Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Painting a car to make it look sportier
The Beaver Dam Inflating inflatable toys using car exhaust
The Dandruff Foundation Making a fireworks display out of doors and an old radio
Damn You Emu Making a poor man's remote car starter
No Duct Tape Using smoke signals for communication

Season 11[]

Episode Project
New Job in Town Red makes an automatic dog washer
Gladiator A way to change your tire without stopping the car
The Whooping Crane Uses for a large roll of butcher paper
Back to Nature Red uses a supercharger out of a car to increse blood flow
Dalton's Hot Gift How to build your own automatic garage door opener
Viva Las Possumus How to build a wood chipper out of a clothes dryer
Y2 Cans How to build your own riding lawnmower
The Ghost of Possum Lodge How to get revenge of people who dent your car
The Chainsaw Races How to turn your vehicle into a massive boom box to get revenge
Something in the Heir How to make your car your second home
Daredevil You can plant corn in your pickup bed, then use it for fuel
Mike Goes Straight Ways to enjoy a treadmill without working out
Xmas In July Having been ordered to clean up the property, Red disposes of a junk car
The Fishing Derby How to make a good cup of coffee on the cheap
Masquerade Marathon Using a car engine as a barbecue
Harold's Dilemma How to increase the traction on your tires for the winter
Red Green Does New Years Making a New Year's noisemaker out of a car and a playground spinner
Using toaster elements to make a New Year's display

Season 12[]

Episode Project
Go Fish Red makes a car easier to turn around
Possum Ponderosa How to change a tire with rusty lugnuts
Possum Air Red makes a kiddy ride out of a clothes dryer
The IQ Test Red adds controls to the passenger side
Day of the Sunflowers Adding portable shade to your vehicle
Reality Television Using a k-car for lawn care
Possum Lake Provincial Park Turning a k-car into a mobile restaurant
The Silver Wasp A way to put things on the roof of your car
A Lot Like Christmas Using a pipe organ to hand out gifts
Snowed In Red uses his furnace to cook dinner
The Go Go Bars Red turns his picket fence into a billboard
The Missile Crisis Red builds his own escalator
Never Send a Man Red makes an extendable love seat
Power Struggle Red makes his own electric vehicle
Mr. Possum Lake Adding decorative trim to your house
Red and Breakfast Red makes a fake car to fool the police
The Moosetrap Red makes his own portable desk
Stupid Cupid A way to make your own pure water

Season 13[]

Episode Project
You've Got Oil Red uses stolen pumping equipment to make a jet boat
The Drive-Thru Making a gas-electric hybrid golf cart
School Demo Red turns an old car into a gas-powered clock
Change Will Do You Good Red makes a giant swiss army knife
The Earring Red makes his own turkey jerkey
Mailbox Wars Red turns a bicycle into a rotisserie for hot dogs
The String Ball Red makes a powerful garbage disposal out of a cement mixer
The Spelling Bee Using ceiling fans to improve the fuel efficiency of a car
Pay It Forward Red wants to be able to recline while he drives his car
Possum Day Red turns two k-cars into a 4-wheel-drive vehicle
The Boat Ramp How to avoid running over the cord with your electric lawn mower
Comrade Harold Red makes a giant trash compactor
Spokesman Red Red makes an automatic breakfast making machine
The Chain Letter Red uses the central vacuum line in his house to send messages
The Women's Circle How to add the new features on a mini-van to a used one
Ranger Harold Red cooks a pizza on a record player
The Sinkhole Red customizes a car with old kitched appliances
Cyber Girl Red makes an idea generator out of old bicycles

Season 14[]

Episode Project
Red's Hot Sauce How to get your teenager to come home on time
Life is a Circus Red makes a giant wok out of a satellite dish
Once More to the Well How to make a fancy mid-engined car on a budget
The Statue Red finds an easier way to launch his boat
False Idol Red makes an eco-friendly vehicle using a clock
Harold's One and Only Red makes a super-sized washer and dryer
The Grapes of Wrath Red turns a bed into a boat
The Lodge Election Red uses parts from an old car to customize a boat
Ticket to Fame Red turns an old car into a safari-style jeep
Stay Tuned Red tries to make the Possum Van more aerodynamic to save gas
The Butter Man A way to find out what your present is before you open it
Red Green Insurance Red treis to assemble a coffee table out of a kit
Lodge Luau Uses for your junk you can't even sell at a yard sale
Hoard of the Flies Red makes a vehicle out of used medical equipment
A Shot in the Dark Red extends the tailpipe of his car and makes a snow cannon
Bye Bye Bonnie Red finds new uses for old highway signs
Fishy CANUSA Games Red uses fire extinguishers to keep cool in his car
The Possum Drop How to customize a bicycle

Season 15[]

Episode Project
Rules of Engagement How to make your ride smoother over potholes
The Folk Art Convention Red makes a giant carburetor out of a toilet
Mr. Clean A way to mow your lawn automatically
No Tell Boatel How to get silence on family car trips
Cell Hell A way to look like you're peeling rubber
Cart Blanche Red gets inspired by children's toys
New Yorkshire Puddings Red makes an addition to his house with a city bus
Exit Stag Right Red uses a washing machine to make ice cream
Mad You Say? Red builds a robot to serve him drinks and snacks
No Place Like the Home Red turns a k-car into a cannon that fires muffins
Flying Blind Red makes a water-powered car
The Bigger the Better Red uses air flaps as a substuitute for brakes
The Big Retreat A way to stand up and strech on long car trips
Rites of Passage Red makes a giant accordion bellows out a minivan
Sasquatch Red builds an energy-efficient car
Rain Man Turning old applicances into office furniture
Love is in the Air An easier way to parallel park
Toe the Line Fixing or replacing your convertable top
Do As I Do The ultimate project, the perpetual motion machine

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