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Glen Brachston

Glen Brachston (Mark Wilson) is a former local marina operator in Possum Lake. He is an extremely lazy man who goes to great lengths to avoid doing any work - he would much rather spend his time working on his RV, which he calls Dolores. In one episode, he even goes so far as to ask Red to answer a phone for him, despite being right next to the phone while it's ringing. His aversion to work supposedly is due to suffering five heart attacks, though it is likely to be the other way around in his case. Despite this, he generally maintains an upbeat attitude about life, so long as he doesn't have to work for it.

Key Segments[]

Production Notes[]

  • On the sign at the marina, seen in early seasons, Glen's last name is spelled "Brackston", with a K. It was also spelled with an X, as "Braxton". However, most other sources (including the official Red Green website until its redesign in 2009) list his name as "Brachston", with an H.
  • Glen is apparently a Boston Red Sox fan, as he is usually seen wearing a cap from that team.