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On occasion, Red and one and two of his fellow Lodge members will have some deep conversations while fishing out on the lake. This segment is an occasionally recurring segment that ran between the eleventh and fifteenth seasons, and in it, some deeper, lesser-known aspects of the characters' lives are often revealed. Red is usually joined by some combination of Mike Hamar, Winston Rothschild and Dalton Humphrey.

Conversations by Season[]

Season 11[]

Episode Conversation between Subject
Gladiator Red, Mike and Winston Men don't communicate
Viva Las Possums Red, Dalton and Winston Lucky to be married?
Something In The Heir Red, Mike and Dalton Their regrets
Harold's Dilemma Red, Mike and Dalton Their dreams

Season 12[]

Episode Conversation between Subject
Reality Television Red, Mike and Dalton Life after death
The Silver Wasp Red, Dalton and Winston Anger management
The Missile Crisis Red, Mike and Winston Recalling bad meals
Mr. Possum Lake Red, Mike and Dalton Finding the right woman

Season 13[]

Episode Conversation between Subject
The Drive-Thru Red, Mike and Dalton Examining past mistakes
Mailbox Wars Red, Mike and Dalton How leading men are portrayed in films
Possum Day Mike, Dalton and Red Do men lie to their wives?

Season 14[]

Episode Conversation between Subject
The Statue Red, Mike and Dalton The value of an education
Stay Tuned Red, Mike and Dalton Tempers flare on the boat
Lodge Luau Red, Mike and Dalton Reality television
The Possum Drop Red, Mike and Dalton Their sleeping habits

Season 15[]

Episode Conversation between Subject
Rules of Engagement Red, Mike and Winston How to tell if you smell bad
Mr. Clean Red, Glen and Harold The lack of fish in the lake
Cart Blanche Red, Mike and Dalton Same-sex marriage
No Place Like the Home Red, Dalton and Harold Living in the past vs. embracing the future
The Bigger the Better Red, Mike and Dalton Parenting
Sasquatch Red, Mike and Ed Seeing old classmates in the obituaries
Love is in the Air Red, Mike and Dalton Dalton reads from a tabloid magazine