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Every once in a while on The Red Green Show, the cast would find a creative way to incorporate fan contributions into their episodes. Sometimes, fan items would be shown between segments or at the end of the episode, while other items might be incorporated into a segment directly. This page documents the various things that have been sent into the show by fans and were recognized by the show's producers.

During the 1996 season, on the third commercial bumper, there is always displayed a Red Green-themed fan item sent in which Red comments on.

Fan-contributed items by season[]

1993 Season[]

Episode Image Credit Description
Maple Syrup Morag Smith A Red Green-themed syrup dispenser

1996 Season[]

Episode Image Credit Description
The Science Fair A viewer A Red Green sign, with the respective colors for the name
Sedgwick the Tenant A viewer A duct tape dispenser that fits on your belt
The Driving Lesson Jim Jackson A wood carving of Harold
The Tax Refund A viewer A beautifully-framed plaque displaying the Possum Lodge oath, done in Old English
No Church A female viewer A love letter to Harold, written on lady's underwear
The Petting Zoo A lady viewer from Madison, WI A Red Green teddy bear

1998 Season[]

Episode Image Credit Description
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Tom Sveine A chainsaw carving of Red Green

Credited appearances of fans on the show[]