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The following is the master list of the exactly 300 half-hour episodes produced of The Red Green Show, organized by season.

Note: Most of this information was taken from Wikipedia:List of The Red Green Show episodes, and may be incorrect. Please update as appropriate.

Season 1 (1991-1992)[]

  • When The Red Green Show debuted on January 4, 1991, it was filmed at CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario during the first two seasons, which had aired Steve Smith's previous shows Smith & Smith (1979-1985), Me & Max (1985-1986), and The Comedy Mill (1986-1990). It was the first season to have Red and Harold's red and beige plaid shirts, which stayed until season 3.
  • The show's recurring segments include: Red's Advice to Teenagers, Red's Campfire Songs, Handyman Corner, Adventures With Bill, Male Call, Conversations With Harold, and Harold's Segments.
  • This is the only season of the show to feature Jack the Hermit.
  • The first season's opening credits consisted of a painting of Possum Lake and various scenes after introducing the characters, after that, several gunshot holes appear, and the last gunshot hole shatters the screen outward.
  • Version 2 of the season 1 opening credits looks similar to season 2, and showing extra scenes from it.
  • Red Green and Harold Green wore red suspenders, with a patch reading the show's title, and a picture of the possum with green and red colors can be seen on their plaid shirts, and his voice was softer, like he did on Smith & Smith (1979-1985). His beard was black with whitish gray spots, and their khaki pants were darker.
  • This is the only season where Harold walks over to Red as the camera zooms away from them, while the credits were shown onscreen, such as a spinning effect, and staying onscreen. Only in this season, Red addressed his wife to the camera that he will be coming straight home, and then, the camera zooms away from him, and Harold walks over. The Lodge Meeting was not seen until season 2, and ran until the end of the series.
  • This is the first season where Harold Green introduced Red at the start of every episode after the camera pans through the main lobby at Possum Lodge. This continued until season 3.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

Plot Summary
1 1 The Big Inboard (series premiere) January 4, 1991 The men at the Lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine.
2 2 The Elvis Sighting January 11, 1991 Elvis is sighted near Possum Lake.
3 3 The UFO January 18, 1991 The men claim to have seen a UFO.
4 4 The Treasure Hunt January 25, 1991 The men go on a treasure hunt.
5 5 Practical Joke Week February 1, 1991 It's Practical Joke Week at the Lodge.
6 6 Home Barber-Kit February 8, 1991 Moose Thompson gets a home barber kit and gives everybody a haircut.
7 7 He-Man Contest February 15, 1991 The Lodge has a He-Man contest.
8 8 Guest Elephant February 22, 1991 Red has an unpleasant experience with an elephant.
9 9 Exotic Dancer March 1, 1991 Moose Thompson goes to see an exotic dancer.
10 10 Lost Toupee March 8, 1991 Old Man Sedgwick loses his toupee.
11 11 Talent Show March 15, 1991 The Lodge has a talent show.
12 12 Problem Outhouse March 22, 1991 Trouble with the Lodge outhouse.
13 13 Whittling Contest September 18, 1991 The Lodge has a whittling contest.
14 14 Wind-Powered Boat October 23, 1991 The men build a boat powered by a windmill.
15 15 Hot Water Bottle November 20, 1991 Everybody tries to blow up a hot water bottle.
16 16 Lodge Visitor December 18, 1991 There's a bear inside the Lodge.
17 17 Gun Powder Shakes January 15, 1992 Moose Thompson makes a set of salt and pepper shakers out of shotgun shells.
18 18 Safety Week January 22, 1992 It's safety week at the Lodge.
19 19 Bad Chili January 29, 1992 A running shoe turns up in a batch of chili.
20 20 Water Tower February 5, 1992 The men build a water tower.
21 21 Jet Ski February 12, 1992 Somebody on Possum Lake has a Jet Ski.
22 22 New Well February 19, 1992 The men try to dig a new well.
23 23 Canoe Jousting February 26, 1992 The men have a canoe jousting contest.
24 24 Water Slide (season finale) March 4, 1992 As The Red Green Show wraps up its first season, the men build a water slide.

Season 2 (1992-1993)[]

  • The show's format was changed to a traditional sitcom. This is the last season to air on CHCH-TV.
  • Steve Smith became producer starting with this season.
  • The opening credits were changed to show extra scenes after introducing the characters, after that, animation of a bird flying at sunset appears, which is accompanied by various gunshot sounds. It looks similar to later episodes of season 1.
  • In this season only, the Lodge Meeting took place before the closing credits.
  • Male Call was dropped after this season, due to being replaced by The Experts the next season.
  • This is the last season where Red Green and Harold Green wore red suspenders, and where Red's voice was softer.
  • A new segment called In The Lodge was introduced in this season, and featuring Bill Smith. For this season only, the main plot segments took place at night.
  • The Lodge Meeting became a regular feature at the end of each episode. In addition to that, Red began addressing his wife to the viewers that he'll be coming straight home after the meeting, and heads down to the lodge basement, where the lodge meeting took place.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 25 The Putter Attack (season premiere) September 23, 1992 To kick off the show's second season, Noel tightens security and accidentally crowns Helmut with Bob's favorite putter.
2 26 Doc's Loan September 30, 1992 Doc owes money to Helmut, who is big and strong and upset.
3 27 Missing Records October 7, 1992 Someone has stolen Eddie's collection of Robert Goulet records.
4 28 The Receipt-A-Thon October 14, 1992 The Lodge is being audited, so everyone is busy forging receipts.
5 29 The Sing Along Machine October 21, 1992 Eddie is electrocuted by a homemade karaoke machine.
6 30 Bear!!! October 28, 1992 A bear in heat keeps the men trapped inside the Lodge.
7 31 The Bad Check-Up November 4, 1992 Glen Brachston has a bad medical check-up and is denied insurance for his RV.
8 32 The Four-Man Raft November 11, 1992 Murray sells the Lodge a four-man raft that turns out to be an inner tube with a tackle box duct-taped to it.
9 33 Skeet Golf November 18, 1992 Bob drives golf balls out over the lake and Helmut shoots them before they come down.
10 34 The Broken Water Pump November 25, 1992 Helmut tries to fix a water pump while Murray tries to turn the Lodge into a water park.
11 35 The Illegal Clubs December 2, 1992 Bob buys a set of golf clubs that turn out to be all left-handed drivers with a goalie stick for a putter.
12 36 Animals In The Attic December 9, 1992 Evidence points to a raccoon in the Lodge attic. Noel has to get rid of it, but Eddie wants to keep him as a pet.
13 37 The Party Boat Sank December 16, 1992 The Lodge's homemade pontoon boat sank and Glen is blamed for poor workmanship.
14 38 The Food Club December 23, 1992 Douglas signs up the Lodge for Murray's food club, which forces Eddie to quit.
15 39 The Fish Locator December 30, 1992 Doc buys a fish locator that he can't afford, so he creates a lottery to pay for it.
16 40 The Bent Canoe January 6, 1993 Helmut wrecks a canoe during a white water rafting session. Helmut refuses to replace it and Glen can't fix it.
17 41 Job Security January 13, 1993 Douglas fires Noel and appoints Helmut as the new head of Lodge Security.
18 42 Noel's Stag January 20, 1993 The men are planning a stag party for Noel, who is getting married on very short notice.
19 43 Bob's Birthday January 27, 1993 A bunch of misunderstandings lead to an on-again, off-again surprise party for Bob.
20 44 The Sudsy Lake February 3, 1993 Possum Lake is covered in pink foam that turns out to be coming from Eddie's dishwasher.
21 45 The Gun Mishap February 10, 1993 Noel accidentally shoots Murray, which is a big problem for Murray but of little consequence to everyone else.
22 46 The Double Date February 17, 1993 Helmut and Glen go on a double date in the RV. Bad things happen.
23 47 The Florida Trip February 24, 1993 The men decide to take Glen's RV to Florida, without Glen in it.
24 48 Not One Fish (season finale) March 3, 1993 Doc claims that Bob and the government have killed all the fish in Possum Lake.

Season 3 (1993-1994)[]

  • At the beginning of this season, The Red Green Show moved to CFPL-TV, and YTV across Canada for this season only.
  • Hearst Entertainment, the syndication subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation, began syndicating The Red Green Show in the United States around this time, being picked up by mostly PBS affiliates, but also a handful of independent stations and Fox affiliates.
  • Beginning with this season, the Lodge Meeting began taking place during the closing credits, rather than taking place before the closing credits. The segment graphics were redesigned in this season, which made the show more Canadian friendly atmosphere.
  • Red Green's voiceover was added to the opening credits by showing previews after introducing the characters, replacing scenes that were shown in the first two seasons.
  • The closing credits were shown in Mistral font starting with this season.
  • This is the only season in which the 1991 S&S Productions logo appeared in widescreen, with the title graphics bordering it. This is the last season to feature Harold's Segments, which had been in use since season 1.
  • This is the first season of the show to feature Buzz Sherwood. This is also the last season where Red and Bill appeared in the Adventures With Bill segments, which had been in use since season 1.
  • This is also the first season to be taped before a live studio audience.
  • This season marked the debut of The Experts, which replaced Male Call in the first two seasons. However, The Experts will remain in use as a recurring segment until the end of the series.
  • This is the last season to have Red and Harold's red and beige plaid shirts, it had been in use since season 1.
  • This is the last season where Red and Harold wore red suspenders during the Red's Campfire Songs segment, most likely due to these segments being shot during the first two seasons. This was also the final season where Red wore red suspenders when Handyman Corner segments took place outdoors, rather than indoors.
  • This is also the last season in which the camera pans through Possum Lodge before arriving at the main lobby, where Harold Green is heard introducing the show before introducing Red. It had been in use since season 1.
  • Red's voice became louder, and the suspenders gained a red and green color scheme.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 49 Maple Syrup (season premiere) September 22, 1993 To kick off the show's third season, Red uses a fuel pump from a Russian missile to collect maple syrup.
2 50 Car Pool September 29, 1993 Red tries to start a car pool as an excuse to buy a 12-passenger van.
3 51 The Spawning Grounds October 6, 1993 The Lodge backhoe rolls into the lake, and the men find out they can get government money if they use it as a shelter for fingerlings.
4 52 Magnetic Lake October 13, 1993 A freak accident and a lot of pollution cause Possum Lake to become magnetized, making life difficult for everyone wearing anything containing iron.
5 53 Underground Parking October 20, 1993 When Red discovers there's no gold in the area, he tries to turn his dig site into an underground parking lot.
6 54 The Tanks We Get October 27, 1993 The Lodge receives 50 ten-thousand-gallon gas tanks and tries to figure out what to do with them.
7 55 Fire Brigade November 3, 1993 The Lodge forms its own volunteer fire squadron, with disastrous results.
8 56 The New Shirt/Casino November 10, 1993 Red holds a casino night at the Lodge, but everyone is upset about his new shirt.
9 57 Green Green November 17, 1993 Red cleans up the environment around the Lodge and receives a government grant.
10 58 Fuel Conversion November 24, 1993 The men at the Lodge decide to convert their vehicles to run on firewood.
11 59 The Hidden Mine December 1, 1993 Red and the boys drop into a hidden mine shaft while bungee jumping.
12 60 Lake Regulations December 8, 1993 Possum Lodge has a confrontation with the Yuppie canoe club on Possum Lake.
13 61 Cross The Lake Race December 15, 1993 The men have a race across Possum Lake to see who wins the job of ferry boat captain for the nudist camp.
14 62 The Salmon Parade December 22, 1993 Possum Lodge decides to have a parade to celebrate the return of salmon to Mercury Creek.
15 63 The Funniest Video December 29, 1993 In order to raise money for the Lodge, the men decide to send in a funny video tape to a television show.
16 64 Biosphere Three January 5, 1994 The men decide to do a biosphere experiment until they learn that they'd need to be in it for two years.
17 65 The Water Park January 12, 1994 Following an accidental cement spill, Red and the boys decide to turn Possum Lodge into a water theme park.
18 66 The Used Helicopter January 19, 1994 Buster Hadfield buys a used helicopter, and the men at the Lodge have fun trying to fly it.
19 67 Possum Lake Regatta January 26, 1994 After Moose Thompson flips his car into the lake, the men decide to make it part of the annual Possum Lake Regatta.
20 68 The Retirement Home February 2, 1994 Old Man Sedgwick gets everybody to help him build a cottage up at Rock Reef Point.
21 69 Slingshot Skiing February 9, 1994 Moose Thompson makes a huge slingshot out of surgical tubing so that he can water-ski without a boat.
22 70 The Possum Olympics February 16, 1994 Possum Lodge is the proposed site of the bi-annual Possum Olympics.
23 71 Possum Lake Monster February 23, 1994 A dinosaur is spotted swimming around in Possum Lake.
24 72 The Water Show (season finale) March 2, 1994 The men decide to put on a water show to attract tourists, but because the water is too cold, Bill decides to go diving in the leaves instead.

Season 4 (1994-1995)[]

  • At the beginning of this season, The Red Green Show moved back to CHCH-TV, where the show was filmed during the first two seasons, and it was picked up by Global, where the show's titling got revamped as The New Red Green Show. This title remained in use until The Winter Carnival.
  • In this season only, the episode title and the closing credits were shown in italic Gill Sans font. Harold began appearing in Adventures With Bill segments starting with this season, rather than Red and Bill in the first three seasons. The segment graphics were redesigned in this season, which makes the audience more Canadian friendly atmosphere.
  • Only in this season, the camera already appeared in the main lobby of Possum Lodge, where Harold introduced Red.
  • Only in this season, each episode began with Red standing in front of a pier early in the morning, holding a fishing rod. On later episodes of this season, he is seen standing outside in the field. Red Green said "It's not smart or correct, but it's the thing that makes us what we are".
  • This season marked the debut of recurring segments, such as Midlife, and Buddy System.
  • Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services advertisements were introduced in this season.
  • The opening credits were completely redesigned by ARCCA Animation. It begins with a shot of the city with the traffic light stopping at red. And then, it changes to green, with The New Red Green Show logo zooming forward, and crashing to reveal an animated flyover of Possum Lake before revealing the lodge, as we pass through the RV, and the motorboat, as we finally find its place to Possum Lodge, when The New Red Green Show logo stopped spinning before showing the previews, which is accompanied by Red's voiceover, as The New Red Green Show logo appeared onscreen, which continued until The Winter Carnival.
  • In the first half of this season, the RV, and the motorboat are sitting there, the animated flying birds are not there, and The New Red Green Show logo stayed onscreen. But in the second half of this season, we see an animated version of Red riding a motorboat, and animated flying birds were added, and The New Red Green Show logo started spinning, and the word "New" flashes onscreen. This version of the opening sequence remained in use until The Winter Carnival.
  • By the time in this season, Male Call came back to the show, where Harold begins by saying "It's Male Call", and ringing a bell loudly.
  • Winston Rothschild, Dalton Humphrey, and Mike Hamar were introduced as new lodge members in this season.
  • A saxophone was added to the theme song starting with this season.
  • Red and Harold's plaid shirts gained a new look starting with this season, gaining a red and blue color scheme.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 73 The Beef Project (season premiere) September 24, 1994 To kick off the show's fourth season, Junior Singleton inherits a cow from one of the local farmers, and the men offer to butcher it for him.
2 74 The Owl Project October 1, 1994 A rare Unicorned Owl is spotted near Possum Lodge, interrupting a taxidermy shootout.
3 75 The Beer Project October 8, 1994 In response to the high price of beer, the men try to brew their own.
4 76 The Firewood Project October 15, 1994 The men try to start a "chop your own" firewood business.
5 77 The Hydrogen Project October 22, 1994 The men try to turn Possum Lake into a huge car battery, releasing a large quantity of hydrogen into the air.
6 78 The Schoolhouse Project October 29, 1994 A couple from the city want to buy the old schoolhouse, leading the locals to try to find a way to save it, or at least make it unmarketable.
7 79 The Firefly Project November 5, 1994 One of the Lodge members decides to light his home by trapping fireflies in a huge skylight.
8 80 The Badger Project November 12, 1994 (Remembrance Day) Old Man Sedgwick gets a badger caught in his pants.
9 81 The Conveyor Project November 19, 1994 Buster Hadfield and his brother buy a used convertor belt, and the rest of the men try to make it look like a smart decision.
10 82 The Electrical Project November 26, 1994 To protest the local utilities, the Lodge members decide to try generating their own electricity.
11 83 The Storm Damage Project December 3, 1994 The Possum Lake area is hit by a huge storm, as predicted by Old Man Sedgwick's body.
12 84 The Marine Show Project December 10, 1994 The men fly in a couple of sea cows to create a marine entertainment center that is reminiscent of other historic mistakes.
13 85 The Silver Project December 17, 1994 After a particularly boring exhibition of Buster Hadfield's vacation pictures, the men of Possum Lodge try to suck the silver off the negatives.
14 86 The Ski & Golf Project December 24, 1994 (Christmas Eve) Moose Thompson successfully sues a local golf and ski resort and ends up owning it, but finds it's not all it's cracked up to be.
15 87 The Auction Project December 31, 1994 (New Year's Eve) The men of Possum Lodge decide to hold a gigantic auction.
16 88 The Rustproofing Project January 7, 1995 Tired of watching their vehicles turn to rust, the men of Possum Lodge once again take the law (of nature) into their own hands.
17 89 The Movie Project January 14, 1995 A group of vegetarian filmmakers invade Possum Lodge to shoot a documentary on the environmental fallout of manly behavior.
18 90 The Painted Leaves Project January 21, 1995 An explosion in the paint shop gives the men the idea of painting all the local trees for fun and profit.
19 91 The Real Estate Project January 28, 1995 Somebody buys the lot next door to Possum Lodge and starts fixing it up, ruining the neighborhood.
20 92 The Stuck Truck Project February 4, 1995 Stinky Peterson's girlfriend gets his truck stuck in a ditch, but by the time they get it out, Stinky is the one who's stuck and ditched.
21 93 The Group Photo Project February 11, 1995 To celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the spin casting reel, the men stand in the center of town for an aerial photo.
22 94 The Guard Dog Project February 18, 1995 Junior Singleton decides to get a guard dog when all his lawn ornaments are stolen.
23 95 The Mt. Rushmore Project February 25, 1995 Desperately seeking money, the men decide to carve Rock Reef Point into a tourist attraction.
24 96 The Catfish Project (season finale) March 4, 1995 Old Man Sedgwick catches a 47-foot catfish in a fishing contest, and the men try to turn it into perfume.

Season 5 (1995-1996)[]

  • The 100th episode of The Red Green Show (Father and Son Banquet) airs.
  • Red Green's voice is loud still, and his beard is still mostly black, but became more of a whitish gray color.
  • Only in this season, each episode began with the message in Mistral font as sound effects are heard. This is the last season where Handyman Corner segments took place in a workshop, due to these segments taking place outdoors the next season.
  • A new segment called Harold's Handy Crafts and Talking Animals were introduced.
  • Beginning with this season, the Canwest Global System logo appeared onscreen after the closing credits, followed by the 1991 S&S Productions closing logo. This was only used in the United States.
  • Harold Green began announcing "It's The New Red Green Show" at the start of every episode before introducing Red Green. This version of Harold's opening announcement remained in use until Season 8.
  • The opening credits looked the same, as it was on later episodes of Season 4.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 97 Men's Night On The Mountain (season premiere) September 30, 1995 To kick off the show's fifth season, Harold is finally invited to spend a night out with the men.
2 98 The Driving Test October 7, 1995 Red loses his license and must take a driver's test to get it back.
3 99 The Satellite Dish October 14, 1995 Red installs a satellite dish, only to result in everyone sitting in front of the TV for hours on end.
4 100 Father and Son Banquet October 21, 1995 Possum Lodge puts on a father-son banquet with tires as the theme.
5 101 The New Doctor October 28, 1995 The Local Tastee Freeze is converted into a medical clinic.
6 102 The Vertical Grandstand November 4, 1995 Red builds a grandstand out of a transformer tower.
7 103 The Network Deal November 11, 1995 A big TV network takes an interest in the show and starts making changes.
8 104 Medieval Times November 18, 1995 Camelot comes to Possum Lake.
9 105 Van Go November 25, 1995 The Possum Van is stolen!
10 106 Possum Lodge Radio December 2, 1995 CB radios replace the telephone system at the Lodge.
11 107 X Marks The Spot December 9, 1995 Lodge members search for buried treasure.
12 108 Sedgwick The Thief December 16, 1995 Old Man Sedgwick is arrested for shoplifting.
13 109 The Cement Load December 23, 1995 After a submarine pen project is cancelled, the men try to figure out what to do with 15 truckloads of cement.
14 110 The Gas Shortage December 30, 1995 Possum Lake's only gas station closes, sending the town into a panic.
15 111 Trout Season January 6, 1996 The start of a new fishing season brings about creative and sometimes illegal ways to catch fish in Possum Lake.
16 112 The Lost Dog January 13, 1996 The Lodge creates a search party for a lost dog in the nearby woods.
17 113 The New Statue January 20, 1996 The men of the Lodge decide to replace the town statue that they destroyed.
18 114 One Man's Garbage January 27, 1996 The men decide to clean up the Lodge and end up in the landfill business.
19 115 The Big Thing February 3, 1996 A big, mysterious machine creates big excitement at Possum Lake.
20 116 Bottled Water February 10, 1996 Possum Lodge sets up its own distillery.
21 117 Floating Church February 17, 1996 Religion comes to Possum Lake with explosive consequences.
22 118 The Not-Chicken Franchise February 24, 1996 Red and Harold promote the new restaurant in town.
23 119 The Compost Heap March 2, 1996 Lodge members try to grow their own beer nuts.
24 120 Homemade Cheese (season finale) March 9, 1996 Junior Singleton's house develops a major mouse infestation.
S-1 The Best of Red Green Special: The first Red Green special includes highlights from past seasons.

Season 6 (1996-1997)[]

  • This is the last season to air on Global, and to be produced at CHCH-TV, where the show had been produced since season 4.
  • This is the last season in which the closing credits were shown in Mistral font.
  • This is the last season of the show to feature Male Call, and Red and Harold's red and blue plaid shirts.
  • This is also the last season to use the Canwest Global System logo after the closing credits on American airings.
  • This is the last season to have the 1991 S&S Productions closing logo.
  • Starting with this season, Handyman Corner segments started taking place outdoors.
Number in season Number in series Title Original air date (Canada) Plot Summary
1 121 The Science Fair (season premiere) September 30, 1996 To kick off the show's sixth season, Harold enters a school Science Fair, and Red insists on helping him out with it.
2 122 Sedgwick The Tenant October 7, 1996 Old Man Sedgwick moves into the Lodge.
3 123 The Driving Lesson October 14, 1996 Harold fails his driver's test again, then makes another wrong turn when he gets help from Red.
4 124 The Tax Refund October 21, 1996 Red's unexpected tax refund may be too good to be true.
5 125 No Church October 28, 1996 When the only reverend leaves town, all the church activities are brought to the Lodge.
6 126 The Petting Zoo November 4, 1996 The men of the Lodge try to open a petting zoo.
7 127 Good Government November 11, 1996 The men discover that their political representative has been deceased for some time, and try to take advantage of this fact.
8 128 The Poker Game November 18, 1996 Red loses in the weekly poker game and develops tactics to get even.
9 129 The Drill November 25, 1996 The purchase of a cordless drill turns into a major shopping expedition.
10 130 Maxi Golf December 2, 1996 Lodge members, banned from the local golf course, come up with creative ways to play their favorite game.
11 131 Bernice's Birthday December 9, 1996 Red almost forgets his wife's birthday and must scramble to come up with a last-minute gift.
12 132 The Church Casino December 16, 1996 Lodge members sneak off to the charity casino and must find creative ways to hide their winnings from their wives.
13 133 The House Raising December 23, 1996 Buster Hadfield's house burns down and the Lodge tries to raise a new one.
14 134 The Love Boat December 30, 1996 Junior Singleton's love interest affects his participation in Lodge activities.
15 135 The Girlfriend January 6, 1997 Harold goes overboard after meeting his first girlfriend.
16 136 The New Lease January 13, 1997 Red has to make a government presentation to renew the Lodge's lease.
17 137 The Baseball Tryouts January 20, 1997 Red is upset when Harold beats him for a spot on the team.
18 138 30 Minutes Or Free January 27, 1997 Red comes up with a low-cost way to cater a hockey banquet.
19 139 Fund Raiser February 3, 1997 Lodge members stage a fundraising fair to save the community center.
20 140 Real Estate February 10, 1997 Moose Thompson hires Red as his real estate agent.
21 141 The Stag Party February 17, 1997 The Lodge holds a stag party for Junior Singleton, but nobody can find him on the wedding day.
22 142 The Suits February 24, 1997 Harold sues Junior for hitting his bike, which sets off a chain of litigation involving everyone in Possum Lake.
23 143 The High School Reunion March 3, 1997 Red gets a do-it-yourself makeover for a high school reunion being attended by a power couple.
24 144 Harold's Wheels (season finale) March 10, 1997 Red gives Harold a car, which turns out to be more trouble than it's worth.
S-2 We Can't Help It, We're Men Special: A collection of shorts on the male-oriented culture of Possum Lodge.

Season 7 (1997-1998)[]

  • At the beginning of this season, The Red Green Show moved to CBC Television, remaining this way until the end of the series.
  • Only in this season, each episode began with the text reading "The New Red Green Show is duct taped in front of a live audience" as duct tape sounds are heard. New segments were added in this season, such as If It Ain't Broke, You're Not Trying.
  • The credits have changed to a different font, which remained for the rest of the series.
  • They were no Male Call segments in this season, and the last season to have Red's Campfire Songs.
  • Several changes were made to accommodate the associated relocation of production to the Canadian Broadcasting Centre; most notably to Possum Lodge's interior wall paint, which became a lighter shade of brown; and Red and Harold's plaid shirts gained a new look, gaining a red, green, and black color scheme. Red's beard also gained a whitish gray color scheme starting with this season, which gave the audience a more Canadian friendly atmosphere. It was the last season to have Harold saying "It's The New Red Green Show" at the beginning of each episode, which had been done since season 5.
  • S&S Productions debuted a new closing logo beginning with this season. This remained in use until the end of the show's run.
  • On PBS airings, a still version of the logo was used.
  • This season was the first to contain less than 24 regular episodes.
  • This is the last season to use the title The New Red Green Show, to have the saxophone-driven theme song, and to have the ARCCA Animation-designed animated opening sequence, all of which had been used since the show was picked up by Global in 1994.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 145 Running Of The Bulls (season premiere) The gang at Possum Lodge stages a Running of the Bulls event, with disastrous results.
2 146 Swiss It Up Red and Harold sell the show to Switzerland and are forced to change the content to suit their new audience.
3 147 The Implosion A fundraiser for the Historical Society results in the destruction of their Heritage Building.
4 148 Adopt-A-Highway Possum Lodge adopts a three-mile stretch of highway dubbed "Orphan's Bend".
5 149 The Strange Ranger The Lodge sends out a search party for Ranger Gord, who is found missing from his watch tower.
6 150 Big Guy Little Guy In order to compete in a soapbox derby, Red joins a big brothers club.
7 151 The Movie Red and Harold make a feature film on a camcorder.
8 152 Expropriation Red speculates in real estate when he hears about a new highway coming through town.
9 153 The Stool Pigeons Harold creates an informer's club to snitch on criminals.
10 154 Celebrity Werner Klemperer, an old celebrity, buys a cottage in the Possum Lake area.
11 155 Let Me Count The Ways The men fix up their cabins in advance of a visit from their wives.
12 156 Pardi Gras Possum Lodge inherits 137 tubas and decides to hold a parade.
13 157 The Splinter Lodge Some of the Lodge members are unhappy with Red as a leader and form their own rival Lodge.
14 158 The Good Old Hockey Game Possum Lodge challenges a curling team to a hockey game for rights over the ice.
15 159 Step Outside Red encourages Harold to stand up and fight for himself.
16 160 The Town Mall The men turn downtown Possum Lake's sewer system into an indoor mall.
17 161 The Winter Carnival (season finale) To keep their wives from wanting to go south for the winter, the men stage a winter carnival in extremely cold conditions.
S-3 Of Cars And Men Special: A series of clips focusing on cars.

Season 8 (1998-1999)[]

  • The show's title was reverted back to its original title from the first three seasons, and retaining this title for the rest of its network run. Harold's opening spiel before introducing Red was consequently changed to "It's The Red Green Show".
  • Red and Harold's plaid shirts gained a new look starting with this season, and Harold goes to college.
  • Their khaki pants became lighter, and the last season where Harold appeared in the lodge.
  • Red's Campfire Songs were no longer used as a recurring segment, which had been done since the first season.
  • The opening sequence was dropped, so The Red Green Show logo began appearing onscreen, when the show went away and came back from commercial breaks, which is superimposed over a live-action scene.
  • The S&S Productions closing logo received a slight change beginning with this season, with the addition of the URL
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 162 Harold's Leaving (season premiere) To kick off the show's eighth season, Red has to face the prospect of running the show without Harold.
2 163 House Moving Red and the guys try to move an old building by balancing it on a bunch of pickup trucks.
3 164 Neither Rain Nor Sleet Red starts his own postal system.
4 165 The Cult Visit Possum Lake is visited by a strange cult from the planet Gorgon.
5 166 College Life Harold goes to college and shares a house with three girls.
6 167 The New Monument The Lodge takes possession of an old army tank and brings it back to life.
7 168 Free Apricots A tractor-trailer flips over, supplying the Lodge with more apricots than they can handle.
8 169 The Mayor Race Red runs for mayor of Possum Lake.
9 170 Better To Give Than Receive Possum Lodge has a blood donor competition with Caribou Lodge.
10 171 Town Services Contract Possum Lodge wins the contract to supply a tow truck, snow plow and ambulance services to the area.
11 172 It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas December 1998 Possum Lodge celebrates Christmas in its own unique way.
12 173 Life Cycle Red competes with Harold to see whether the Possum Van or Harold's bicycle can go farther on a ten-dollar budget.
13 174 Mad About You Harold helps Red manage his anger.
14 175 Bingo Was His Name (season finale) Red has the Lodge declared an organized religion so everyone can play Bingo.

Season 9 (1999-2000)[]

  • Beginning with this season, Red Green began reminding the Possum Lodge members to bow their heads for the Man's Prayer: "I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess". This remained until the series finale, when the Man's Prayer was revised to "I'm a man, but I changed, because I had to, Oh, well".
  • Ranger Gord's Educational Films made its debut in this season, which was renamed Ranger Gord's Wilderness Safety Tips in Season 13.
  • Beginning with this season, due to reduced screen time (see below), Harold no longer introduced Red at the beginning of each episode, as Red just now entered the lodge by waving to the audience, which is accompanied by an applause. Harold is no longer seen with a video effect machine, headphones, and wearing a plaid shirt, suspenders, and khaki pants, in every appearance from this season on, he began wearing colorful clothes, rather than his signature outfit in seasons 1-8.
  • Harold's screen time was reduced to a single segment, Harold at the Office, in this season, no longer appeared in many scenes in the lodge. Another regular, Bill Smith, left the show entirely for the next four seasons, with Walter and various other Possum Lodge members replacing him.
  • Starting with this season, several Possum Lodge members began hosting both The Experts and The Possum Lodge Word Game.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 176 Harold's Job October 8, 1999 Harold leaves the lodge in search of a job in the city, while the lodge members all try to replace him.
2 177 The Fishing Derby October 15, 1999 When nobody manages to catch any fish in a fishing derby, the men have the lake tested for contaminants.
3 178 Lady In Red October 22, 1999 A beautiful young chiropractor goes into business in Possum Lake, creating more kinks than she removes.
4 179 The Bachelor Auction October 29, 1999 The men decide to have a Bachelor Auction to raise money for the Lodge.
5 180 Angel November 5, 1999 Red and Dalton argue about the existence of angels. Mike claims he can produce one.
6 181 School Bus Blimp November 12, 1999 Red talks the guys into converting an old school bus into a hot air balloon.
7 182 Coup De Grass November 19, 1999 Red creates a new type of grass seed that only grows two inches tall.
8 183 Rent A Wreck November 26, 1999 Mike borrows Red's van for a demolition derby.
9 184 Curse Of The Mummy December 3, 1999 Red and Mike have some fun with artifacts from a local museum.
10 185 Roll Out The Barrels December 10, 1999 The local brewery gives all their old beer barrels to the Lodge, and Red decides to take his over the falls.
11 186 No Retreat Harold's company tries to buy the Lodge.
12 187 The Battle Call Dalton stages a mock battle against the Caribou Lodge.
13 188 Hurricane Doug The Lodge is threatened by a Force 5 hurricane.
14 189 Guinness World Records The men try to find ways to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.
15 190 The Auto Club The men form an auto club to make money servicing other people's vehicles.
16 191 Too Much Information Harold gives the Lodge a bunch of old computers.
17 192 A Very Merry Red Green Christmas (season finale) December 17, 1999 The second Red Green Christmas special. (60 min)
S-5 Red Green's Guide To Parenting April 18, 2000 Special: Red gives advice on how to raise children.

Season 10 (2000-2001)[]

  • This is the only season in which neither Harold Green, although his Little Harold form continued to appear on Ranger Gord's Educational Films, nor Hap Shaughnessy appear onscreen.
  • The 200th episode of The Red Green Show (Twinning) airs.
  • During this season, Red Green became an ambassador for 3M Canada, and Scotch duct tape.
  • Beginning with this season, dedicated end-of-commercial-break bumpers were created with The Red Green Show logo superimposed over an exterior shot of Possum Lodge as seen through a wooden fence. These bumpers were also used to bridge the first main plot segment and The Possum Lodge Word Game.
  • When the show went to commercial, the logo continued to be superimposed over the closing shot of a particular segment.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 193 Sausage Envy (season premiere) October 13, 2000 To kick off the show's tenth season, the boys do their wurst for the Possum Lake Sausage Carnival.
2 194 Foster Child October 20, 2000 Red learns that the Lodge has a foster child who's coming to spend the weekend with him.
3 195 What A Dump October 27, 2000 The Lodge proposes itself to the city of Toronto as an ideal place to dump its garbage.
4 196 Winston's Wedding November 3, 2000 Winston is getting married! The only thing missing is the bride.
5 197 Man Of The Year November 10, 2000 In the hopes of winning a fishing boat, the Lodge nominate a man who doesn't exist for Possum Lake's Man of the Year.
6 198 Survivor November 17, 2000 A toxic cloud forces Red to stay locked in the Lodge for a few days.
7 199 Historic Site November 24, 2000 Red and Mike try to save the Lodge by having it declared a historic site.
8 200 Twinning December 1, 2000 Possum Lodge "twins" itself with the state of Iowa.
9 201 Lunar Eclipse The men try to recapture their youth by watching a lunar eclipse together.
10 202 Barter Starter Red, Dalton and Winston trade somewhat valuable items for the weekend. This doesn't work so well for Dalton.
11 203 Out Of The Woods Red and Ed trap a large animal roaming the woods at night.
12 204 Cheap Jeep Red sends away for an army surplus jeep, which arrives as a kit.
13 205 DNA All The Way A rich eccentric passes away, and everyone tries to prove they're related to him.
14 206 Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Dalton represents the Lodge as a contestant on a TV trivia game show.
15 207 The Beaver Dam Possum Lake is rising due to a beaver dam that's been built across the river running out of it.
16 208 The Dandruff Foundation The men find a charity to affiliate with as a means of receiving government grants and avoiding taxes.
17 209 Damn You Emu Dalton starts an emu ranch and gets Red to help him out.
18 210 No Duct Tape (season finale) The Lodge runs out of duct tape, throwing everyone into a panic.

Season 11 (2001-2002)[]

  • Harold came back to the show in episode 211.
  • Red's khaki pants received slight changes.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 211 New Job In Town (season premiere) October 12, 2001 To kick off the show's eleventh season, Red, Dalton and Mike all try out for the new Possum Lake Public Relations position.
2 212 Gladiator October 19, 2001 Possum Lake stages a live version of the movie Gladiator with Dalton in the lead role.
3 213 The Whooping Crane October 26, 2001 A whooping crane builds its nest in the chimney of Possum Lodge.
4 214 Back To Nature November 2, 2001 As part of his new job, Harold rents out the Lodge to a group of Senior Executives at a naturalist organization.
5 215 Dalton's Hot Gift November 9, 2001 Mike gets Dalton a new barbecue for his birthday, but Red thinks Mike stole it from Dalton's store.
6 216 Viva Las Possums November 16, 2001 Harold stages a '50s weekend in Possum Lake, culminating in an Elvis impersonation contest.
7 217 Y2 Cans November 23, 2001 To raise money, the men decide to sell rusty unlabeled food cans left over from the Y2K scare.
8 218 The Ghost Of Possum Lodge November 30, 2001 Mike discovers a ghost at Possum Lodge and gets Red to help him catch it.
9 219 The Chainsaw Races December 7, 2001 There's trouble at the Lodge when Red hosts a series of chainsaw races the same weekend that Harold is hosting a group of gifted children.
10 220 Something In The Heir December 14, 2001 Winston tries to adopt a child to carry on the family septic sucking business.
11 221 Daredevil December 21, 2001 When Psycho Ernie backs out of his attempt to jump over the Lodge on his motorcycle, Mike volunteers to take his place.
12 222 Mike Goes Straight December 28, 2001 As part of his rehabilitation, Mike volunteers as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer.
13 223 Xmas In July January 4, 2002 Harold stages a Christmas event in the middle of summer as a tourist attraction for Possum Lake.
14 224 The Fishing Derby January 11, 2002 Harold tags a prize fish and releases it into Possum Lake, with a $1000 award to the person who catches it.
15 225 Masquerade Marathon Unknown date in early 2002 Mike uses the Possum Lake Masquerade Picnic to help him hide from a bad guy.
16 226 Harold's Dilemma January 18, 2002 Harold's department has a $5000 shortfall, so he tries to solve it by doing a major renovation to Possum Lodge to make it more appealing to tourists.
17 227 Red Green Does New Years (season finale) January 25, 2002 Special: New Year's special. (60 min)
S-6 The Making of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever Special: A look behind the scenes of the full-length feature film.
M-1 Duct Tape Forever April 12, 2002 Movie: For destroying an evil land baron's limo, Red and Harold have 10 days to raise $10,000 or lose the Lodge. They attempt to raise this money by entering a duct tape sculpture contest in Minneapolis.

Season 12 (2002-2003)[]

  • Red's plaid shirt became blue starting with this season, similar to the one that annoyed Harold in the Season 3 episode The New Shirt/Casino.
Number in season Number in series Title Original air date (Canada) Plot Summary
1 228 Go Fish (season premiere) October 18, 2002 To kick off the show's twelfth season, the wives stage a protest to prevent the men from going on a weekend-long fishing trip.
2 229 The Possum Ponderosa October 25, 2002 Red and Harold promote the Lodge on the basis that they are relatives of Lorne Greene, who grew up there.
3 230 Possum Air November 1, 2002 In order to bring tourists to the area, Harold starts his own airline, with Red as the first passenger.
4 231 The I.Q. Test November 8, 2002 Harold wants to open a chapter of MENSA, so he has everyone take an IQ test.
5 232 The Day Of The Sunflowers November 15, 2002 As their part in a local beautification project, the men grow sunflowers to hide the Lodge from passing motorists.
6 233 Reality Television November 22, 2002 Harold changes the show to make it more in keeping with the current trend toward reality shows.
7 234 Possum Lodge Provincial Park November 29, 2002 The men go after government money by offering to convert the Lodge property into a provincial park.
8 235 The Silver Wasp December 6, 2002 Harold takes part in a comic book convention and enlists Red's help in pretending to be a super hero.
9 236 A Lot Like Christmas December 13, 2002 Special: The men run into a problem as they prepare for the Santa Claus Parade.
10 237 Snowed In January 10, 2003 A massive snowstorm traps three of the men at the Lodge.
11 238 The Go Go Bars January 17, 2003 Harold gets a shipment of energy bars to test-market on the men of Possum Lodge.
12 239 The Missile Crisis January 24, 2003 The men decide to detonate a missile they found in an abandoned well.
13 240 Never Send A Man January 31, 2003 Harold allows a boy scout troop to come to the Lodge and educate the men about the outdoors.
14 241 Power Struggle February 7, 2003 In order to satisfy the Kyoto Protocol, the men of Possum Lodge try to generate their own power using a windmill and a lot of vehicles.
15 242 Mr. Possum Lake February 14, 2003 Harold is chosen to represent the Lodge in the annual Mr. Possum Lake contest.
16 243 Red and Breakfast February 21, 2003 Harold gets Red to help him turn the Lodge into a bed-and-breakfast, with Mike as their test customer.
17 244 The Moosetrap February 28, 2003 The men decide to host a dinner theater at the Lodge.
18 245 Stupid Cupid (season finale) March 7, 2003 In an effort to meet women, Harold makes a tape for a video dating service.

Season 13 (2003-2004)[]

  • Bill came back to the show in episode 246, sharing his Adventures With Bill segments with Walter for the next two seasons and with several other Possum Lodge throughout the rest of the show.
  • Ranger Gord left the show permanently after this season, in turn resulting in the discontinuation of the now-renamed Ranger Gord's Wilderness Safety Tips segments.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 246 You've Got Oil (season premiere) October 24, 2003 To kick off the show's thirteenth season, the Lodge makes a deal with a major oil company to allow them to run a pipeline through their property.
2 247 The Drive-Thru October 31, 2003 A delivery truck full of burgers flips over and turns the Lodge into a drive-thru.
3 248 School Demo November 7, 2003 The men of Possum Lodge get to tear down the local public school, eliciting deep emotional reactions.
4 249 Change Will Do You Good November 14, 2003 The guys use Winston's septic truck to pump all the coins out of the town wishing well.
5 250 The Earring November 21, 2003 Rumors run rampant at the Lodge when Winston gets an earring.
6 251 Mailbox Wars November 28, 2003 The men try to catch whoever's smashing all the mailboxes in the Possum Lake area.
7 252 The String Ball December 5, 2003 Dalton looks like he's got a great chance of winning this year's biggest ball of string contest.
8 253 The Spelling Bee December 12, 2003 The men decide to submit a couple of entrants into a spelling contest with a thousand-dollar prize.
9 254 Pay It Forward January 2, 2004 The men try to reinstate their unemployment benefits by pretending to work for each other for money.
10 255 Possum Day January 9, 2004 Instead of Groundhog Day, the Lodge members celebrate Possum Day, where a possum predicts how much longer summer will last.
11 256 The Boat Ramp January 16, 2004 Rather than clean out the existing boat ramp, Red creates a way to fling a boat over the scrap and land it in the lake.
12 257 Comrade Harold January 23, 2004 Harold persuades the guys to participate in an experiment in communism.
13 258 Spokesman Red January 30, 2004 Red is thrilled when a major corporation offers him money to be their spokesman.
14 259 The Chain Letter February 6, 2004 Red is dismissive that "chain letters" can change your luck until Dalton's luck changes.
15 260 The Women's Circle February 13, 2004 The guys return home to discover that all the women are in a secret meeting.
16 261 Ranger Harold February 20, 2004 Harold agrees to fill in at fire watchtower 13 while Ranger Gord is away.
17 262 The Sinkhole February 27, 2004 The lodge is sinking into the ground and Red must find a creative and inexpensive solution and fast.
18 263 Cyber Girl (season finale) March 5, 2004 Harold meets his girlfriend, Bonnie, on the Internet.
S-7 Hindsight Is 20-20 March 10, 2004 Special: A look back at some of the show's earlier seasons, as told by some of the characters.

Season 14 (2004-2005)[]

  • Walter left the show permanently after this season.
Number in season Number in series Title

Original air date (Canada)

! Plot Summary
1 264 Red's Hot Sauce (season premiere) October 1, 2004 To kick off the show's fourteenth season, Red creates his own spicy barbecue sauce that turns out to work better as a gasoline additive.
2 265 Life Is A Circus October 8, 2004 The men put on a circus to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Lodge, and Harold is the human cannonball.
3 266 Once More To The Well October 15, 2004 The Lodge well runs dry, so the men decide to drill a new one rather than go on town water.
4 267 The Statue October 22, 2004 Red knocks over a historic statue downtown and must replace it.
5 268 False Idol November 7, 2004 Harold tries out for Canadian Idol.
6 269 Harold's One And Only November 12, 2004 Red thinks Harold is spending way too much time with his girlfriend Bonnie and gets them to take a week off.
7 270 The Grapes Of Wrath November 19, 2004 The men use the next door neighbor's grapes to make their own wine.
8 271 The Lodge Election November 26, 2004 The men find out that Red has been breaking the rules of the Lodge charter and call for an election to pick a new leader.
9 272 Ticket To Fame December 3, 2004 Red owes Harold fifty dollars and repays him with a lottery ticket.
10 273 Stay Tuned December 10, 2004 When the government erects a building that blocks the Lodge satellite signal, the men build a huge tower for their satellite dish.
11 274 The Butter Man December 17, 2004 Red and Harold work through the difficulties that arise from giving someone an inappropriate Christmas gift.
12 275 Red Green Insurance January 14, 2005 Bothered by the high cost and poor coverage offered by the insurance company, Red decides to personally insure the Lodge.
13 276 Lodge Luau January 21, 2005 In an attempt to attract tourists, Harold convinces the men to have a Hawaiian-themed weekend.
14 277 Hoard Of The Flies January 28, 2005 The Lodge is being swarmed by flies just as an antique road show-type crew comes to town to appraise everyone's valuables.
15 278 A Shot In The Dark February 4, 2005 Red and Harold contract an extremely contagious virus and have to give each other flu shots.
16 279 Bye Bye Bonnie February 11, 2005 Harold is upset because his girlfriend is seen around town with another guy.
17 280 Fishy CanUSA Games February 18, 2005 Harold freaks out when a Lodge from the United States challenges the men to a fishing contest.
18 281 The Possum Drop (season finale) February 25, 2005 Harold is upset about possible animal abuse and volunteers to be the possum for the annual Possum Drop event.

Season 15 (2005-2006)[]

Number in season Number in series Title Original air date (Canada) Plot Summary
1 282 Rules Of Engagement (season premiere) October 28, 2005 To kick off the show's fifteenth and final season, after Bonnie breaks up with Harold, Red tries to cheer him up by entering him into a race with a two-man kayak made out of washing machines.
2 283 The Folk Art Convention November 4, 2005 The Lodge tries to cash in at a folk art convention.
3 284 Mr. Clean November 11, 2005 Possum Lodge and Caribou Lodge compete to win the highest Tourist Board rating.
4 285 No-Tell Boatel November 18, 2005 Red must either tear down or move a motel.
5 286 Cell Hell November 25, 2005 Red gets free cell phones, but tries to avoid activation fees and per-minute fees by boosting the signals with car batteries.
6 287 Cart Blanche December 2, 2005 Red tries to avoid paying for gas with a membership plan to share nine electric golf carts.
7 288 New Yorkshire Pudding December 9, 2005 "Entrepreneurial" Red tries to start a new business selling Yorkshire pudding.
8 289 Exit Stag Right December 30, 2005 Red tries to set up a stag party for groom-to-be Harold.
9 290 Mad You Say January 6, 2006 Red buys a side of beef for just $38, but does it carry Mad Cow Disease?
10 291 No Place Like The Home January 13, 2006 Red campaigns against Old Man Sedgwick going into a nursing home.
11 292 Flying Blind January 20, 2006 After selling tickets for a vintage air show, Red finds he can't get the necessary permits. So he tries to fool people with model airplanes.
12 293 The Bigger The Better January 27, 2006 To create a tourist attraction, the farm silos are painted to look like giant crayons.
13 294 The Big Retreat February 3, 2006 Women business executives decide to rent the Lodge for a seminar.
14 295 Rites of Passage March 3, 2006 Riparian water rights are exerted via signs reading "Public Beach" and an army tank.
15 296 Sasquatch March 10, 2006 Hoping to catch a real one on tape for a $20,000 prize, Harold dresses up as a pink Bigfoot to serve as bait.
16 297 Rain Man March 17, 2006 Red makes a cloud-seeding cannon, but ends up hitting the lake with it instead.
17 298 Love Is In The Air March 24, 2006 Harold meets Bonnie's family, but ends up covered in animal musk instead of aftershave.
18 299 Toe The Line March 31, 2006 Bernice gets the flu, leaving Red and Harold to be partners in a male-female line-dancing competition.
19 300 Do As I Do (series finale) April 7, 2006 Red celebrates the show's 300th and final episode, while Harold celebrates his wedding to Bonnie.


  • The Red Green Story: We're All in This Together (2008)

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