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In Adventures With Bill, one of the most common running jokes is damaging the Possum Van, usually by knocking off one or both of the rear-view mirrors (if it's just one rear-view mirror, it will usually be the one on the driver's side) or flattening at least one tire. This is almost always caused by Bill Smith, Walter or another character throwing something carelessly toward the van, or something being launched at the van due to gravity.


1993 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
Car Pool Left rear-view mirror Bill's chainsaw throws its chain
Green Green Back doors Bill accidentally rips the doors off while trying to free the van from a mud hole

1994 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
The Beer Project Left rear-view mirror Bill throws a lacrosse ball from his racquet
The Hydrogen Project Radiator Bill pushes a pipe into a hole in the ground. The pipe somehow comes out of another hole behind him and punctures the radiator
The Real Estate Project Both windows Bill tosses a caber (tree trunk) through the van
The Catfish Project
  • Left rear-view mirror
  • Windshield wiper
  • Driver's side window,
  • Driver's side door
  • One tire
Bill accidentally tosses a homemade Olympic hammer, discus, two shot puts, and a javelin at the van

1995 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
The Satellite Dish Front-left tire Bill knocks over an antenna tower. A spike at the top punctures the tire.
Father and Son Banquet Left-side door Ripped off by a rope attached to a pipe wrench

1996 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
The Tax Refund Left rear-view mirror Bill knocks it off when he carelessly tosses his sledgehammer aside
The Petting Zoo Left rear-view mirror Bill tosses a rock off a nearby cliff

1997 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
Swiss It Up Left rear-view mirror Bill's first attempt at throwing a yo-yo causes it to fly off his hand and knock the mirror off
The Good Old Hockey Game Both rear-view mirrors Bill's first two snowboards slide off a jump and knock both mirrors off
The Winter Carnival Left rear-view mirror Bill's sled flies off a jump and knocks the mirror off

1998 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
Neither Rain Nor Sleet One tire Bill shoots it with a rifle while aiming at a pop can
Better To Give Than Receive Left rear-view mirror A roll of sod, after rolling down the hill, rolls up a ramp and through the air, finally hitting the mirror and knocking it off

2000 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Left rear-view mirror Walter mistakes a softball for a snowball and throws it in the air
No Duct Tape Left rear-view mirror Ed Frid tells Red to get rid of a rock and Red throws it backwards, hitting the van and knocking the mirror off.
Winston's Wedding Left rear-view mirror Walter launches a tomato at it using a see-saw.

2001 Season[]

Episode Part damaged How/by what
Something In The Heir Antenna Walter throws a basketball backwards and skewers it on the antenna, causing it to fall off.