Auto Biography is a short segment on The Red Green Show that ran only on the sixth season. In this segment, Red and Harold talk with a different Possum Lodge member about "a very significant automobile in [that member's] life," in the words of Red. The lodge members' favorite cars they mention each somehow reflect their respective personalities.

Lodge Members' Cars

Episode Car Owned By Notable For...
The Driving Lesson Corvette Stingray Mike Hamar Mike stole it for a joyride
The Petting Zoo Chevy II Dalton Humphrey Dalton's father bought it used and later gave it to him
Maxi Golf Country Squire station wagon Winston Rothschild First car ever used for Winston's sewage business
The Girlfriend '74 Volvo Arnie Dogan Having dates in it, but not marriage; Arnie made a country song about it
Fund Raiser '62 Aston Martin DBS Hap Shaughnessy Exact same car owned by James Bond; Hap, too, used many of the car's gadgets
The Suits Metal-flake-blue 1968 Dodge Charger Dougie Franklin Ability to burn rubber before rapid acceleration
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