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Adventures With Bill (simply Adventures after the eighth season) is the second longest-running main segment on The Red Green Show, next to Handyman Corner. This segment is presented as a grainy, black-and-white home movie showing a simple plot acted out by Bill Smith and Red Green (and later other characters), with a strong emphasis on slapstick comedy. The home movie is always narrated by Red as though he's recounting the events of the film after the fact.

Many Adventures, particularly those featuring Bill, end up with him in some strange predicament, such as being flattened by a steam roller wheel or a wine press. He always springs back in the next episode, however. This segment also features two running gags: Bill frequently pulls large or random things out of his overalls, and the Possum Van is frequently damaged in various ways (most often having one or both of its rear-view mirrors knocked off).

In the first three seasons, this segment starred only Bill and Red. Starting in the fourth season, Harold would occasionally join in.

Bill disappeared from Adventures in the ninth season when his actor (Rick Green) left the show. Walter and other characters took over for him, and Red was not always present in the Adventures himself (though he still narrated them). Bill would return in the thirteenth season, starring alongside Walter and other cast members until the final episode.


Season 1[]

Episode Topic
The Big Inboard Bill portages a canoe.
The Elvis Sighting Bill goes tobogganing.
The UFO How to start a campfire.
The Treasure Hunt How to use snowshoes.
Practical Joke Week How to fish without proper equipment.
Home Barber-Kit Bill uses a snow blower.
He-Man Contest Bill builds an ice hut.
Guest Elephant How to get into a canoe.
Exotic Dancer How to repel bugs in the woods.
Lost Toupee How to use a parachute.
Talent Show How to put up a tent.
Problem Outhouse Bill demonstrates knife throwing.
Whittling Contest Bill tries water skiing.
Wind-Powered Boat Bill tries to recover Red's lost watch with a metal detector.
Hot Water Bottle A lesson on archery.
Lodge Visitor Bill goes scuba diving.
Gun Powder Shakes Bill fools around with slingshots.
Safety Week A word about fire safety.
Bad Chili Bill tries orienteering (navigating with a map).
Water Tower Boating and fishing with a trolling motor.
Jet-Ski A lesson on throwing bolas.
New Well Bill uses different kinds of animal traps.
Canoe Jousting Finding water in the wilderness.
Water Slide Bill demonstrates different ways to send signals.

Season 2[]

Episode Topic
The Putter Attack Bill goes rapeling
Doc's Loan A word about water safety
Missing Bill lights a campfire in a bad place
The Receipt-A-Thon Bill attempts to hang a hammock
The Sing Along Machine Bill demonstrates emergency first aid
Bear!!! How to build a shelter in the woods
The Bad Check-Up Creative ways to power a canoe
The Four-Man Raft Making your own bow and arrows
Skeet Golf Finding food in the woods
The Broken Water Pump Bill tries an obstacle course on ice
The Illegal Clubs How to fish without a proper boat
Animals in the Attic Bill opens his massive tackle box
The Party Boat Sank Red and Bill go sailing
The Food Club How to climb a tree
The Fish Locator How to camouflage yourself in the woods
The Bent Canoe Harold's frisbee is stuck in a tree
Job Security Bill makes a homemade catapult
Noel's Stag Finding food when you are lost in the woods
Bob's Birthday Bill walks on stilts
The Sudsy Lake Bill plays goalie at a hockey arena
The Gun Mishap How to repair your bicycle
The Double Date Topping a tree with tree climbing equipment
The Florida Trip Red and Bill play with boomerangs
Not One Fish What to do in a roadside emergency

Season 3[]

Episode Topic
Maple Syrup Bill shows off camping lanterns.
Car Pool How to chop down a tree.
The Spawning Grounds Bill tries downhill skiing.
Magnetic Lake Bill shows how to launch a boat.
Underground Parking Red and Bill go backpacking.
The Tanks We Get Red and Bill have trouble with quicksand.
Fire Brigade Red and Bill have a cookout.
The New Shirt/Casino How to make your own camp bed.
Green Green What to do if your car gets stuck in the mud.
Fuel Conversion Bill sets up some animal traps.
The Hidden Mine How to make a refrigerator in the woods.
Lake Regulations Bill tries hang gliding using a pup tent.
Cross the Lake Race Red and Bill go duck hunting.
The Salmon Parade How to cut an overgrown lawn.
The Funniest Video Bill teaches Red how to ski downhill.
Biosphere Three How to make a homemade outdoor shower.
The Water Park How to put your boat away for the winter.
The Used Helicopter How to protect your campsite from wild animals.
Possum Lake Regatta Bill tries to grill steaks over a campfire.
The Retirement Home How to survive if you are stranded in your car.
Slingshot Skiing A faster way to clean leaves in the fall.
The Possum Olympics Red and Bill play horseshoes.
Possum Lake Monster How to store food where animals can't reach it.
The Water Show Bill tries to go snorkeling.

Season 4[]

Episode Subject
The Beef Project Bill plays around on a trampoline
The Owl Project Red and Harold play basketball with Bill
The Beer Project Red and Bill play lacrosse
The Firewood Project Ways to cut down trees
The Hydrogen Project Bill tries to dig a well
The Schoolhouse Project Bill plays football
The Firefly Project Bill tries beekeeping
The Badger Project Bill builds a snake trap
The Conveyor Project How to get in shape without spending a fortune
The Electrical Project Bill rides a jet-ski
The Storm Damage Project How to get maple syrup from trees
The Marine Show Project Red and Bill go fishing in a rubber raft
The Silver Project Red and Harold play baseball with Bill
The Ski & Golf Project A contest at the driving range
The Auction Project Using a water pump to draw water from the lake
The Rustproofing Project The boys play more football
The Movie Project Bill goes kayaking
The Painted Leaves Project Red and Bill play crocquet
The Real Estate Project The Possum Lodge Highland Games
The Stuck Truck Project Sculpting art with a chainsaw
The Group Photo Project Red and Bill fly kites
The Guard Dog Project Bill tries skeet shooting
The Mt. Rushmore Project Red and Bill fly model airplanes
The Catfish Project Bill has his own version of the Olympic games

Season 5[]

Episode Topic
Men's Night On The Mountain Bill goes cliff diving off the top of Rock Reef Point.
The Driving Test When Red loses his driver's license, Bill suggests other ways for Red to get around.
The Satellite Dish Bill makes a gigantic pogo stick.
Father and Son Banquet Bill makes a new tire swing.
The New Doctor How to barbecue healthier foods.
The Vertical Grandstand Bill launches a model rocket.
The Network Deal Red, Bill and Harold all try boxing.
Medieval Times Bill gives a lesson on fencing.
Van Go Bill does tricks on his bikes.
Possum Lodge Radio Bill goes bowling.
X Marks The Spot Red and Bill watch birds from a duck blind.
Sedgewick the Thief How to protect yourself from pickpockets.
The Cement Load Creative uses for concrete.
The Gas Shortage Finding an alternate mode of transportation.
Trout Season Red and Bill practice casting their fishing lines.
The Lost Dog Making a dirigible out of helium balloons.
The New Statue Red helps Bill get a car started.
One Man's Garbage Bill plays with a Frisbee.
The Big Thing Red and Bill build an elevated viewing stand.
Bottled Water Red and Bill assemble an above-ground swimming pool.
Floating Church Bill demonstrates martial arts on Harold.
The Not-Chicken Franchise Bill plays soccer.
The Compost Heap Bill feeds branches into a wood chipper.
Homemade Cheese Bill tries to make his own cheese.

Season 6[]

Episode Subject
The Science Fair Bill tries something he saw on the Olympics
Sedgwick the Tenant Bill attempts a circus trick
The Driving Lesson Red and Bill play tennis
The Tax Refund Bill makes wine
No Church Bill and Harold pitch a tent and go camping
The Petting Zoo Bill goes bungee jumping
Good Government Red and Bill play darts
The Poker Game Bill and Harold pick fruit
The Drill Bill tries pole vaulting
Maxi Golf Bill tries glass blowing
Bernice's Birthday Red and Bill cook hotdogs over a campfire
The Church Casino Harold and Bill go canoeing
The House Raising Bill goes tightrope walking
The Love Boat Harold and Bill cross a stream
The Girlfriend Bill tries to swing like Tarzan
The New Lease Red and Bill go water skiiing
The Baseball Tryouts Red and Bill drive go karts
30 Minutes or Free Bill opens his build-your-own log cabin kit
Fund Raiser Red and Bill have their annual portaged canoe race
Real Estate Bill and Harold play ping pong
The Stag Party Bill goes for a Hawaiian theme
The Suits Harold and Bill fly miniature gliders
The High School Reunion Bill tries weight lifting
Harold's Wheels Harold gets nervous when Bill has beans for dinner

Season 7[]

Episode Topic
Running Of The Bulls Red and Bill go camping.
Swiss It Up Red and Bill play with yo-yos.
The Implosion Bill and Haold go fishing.
Adopt-A-Highway Red and Bill try to remove a huge stump.
The Strange Ranger Red ruins Bill's rock collection, so Bill has to start a new one.
Big Guy Little Guy Bill tries to catch butterflies.
The Movie Bill operates a charity car wash.
Expropriation Bill and Harold play paintball.
The Stool Pigeons Red and Bill rotate the tires on the Possum Van.
Celebrity Red and Bill visit the driving range.
Let Me Count the Ways Bill tries to build his own elevator.
Pardi Gras Red and Bill play carnival games.
The Splinter Lodge Bill builds a tree house.
The Good Old Hockey Game Red and Bill do some snowboarding.
Step Outside Bill and Harold try to go ice fishing.
The Town Mall Red and Bill play "crack the whip" on the ice.
The Winter Carnival Red and Bill go sledding.

Season 8[]

Episode Topic
Harold's Leaving Bill gets a kite stuck in a tree.
House Moving Red and Bill participate in a trout fishing contest.
Neither Rain Nor Sleet Red and Bill go target shooting with a pop can.
The Cult Visit Red and Bill try to play street hockey.
College Life Bill has difficulty with a couple of chainsaws.
The New Monument Bill tries his hand at axe throwing.
Free Apricots Bill tries to climb a cliff in a falling rock zone.
The Mayor Race Bill goes for a ride in a shopping cart.
Better To Give Than Receive Bill does some gardening over a gas pipeline.
Town Services Contract Bill tries to collect wild honey.
It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Bill tries to cut down a Christmas tree.
Life Cycle Red has a tug-of-war with Bill and Harold.
Mad About You Bill races Red up a hill on a mountain bike.
Bingo Was His Name Bill becomes an archaeologist.

Season 9[]

Episode Topic
The Fishing Derby Red, Winston, Mike and Ed erect a new flagpole.
Lady In Red Assisted by a new lodge member, Walter, the guys build a swing set for the kids.
The Bachelor Auction Dalton and Red attempt to save Walter from a stick boom.
Angel Mike's date ends early on a magnetic hill, which can cause things to fall up the hill.
School Bus Blimp Red, Dalton and Winston play golf.
Rent A Wreck Walter helps Red move some heavy pipes.
Curse Of The Mummy Dalton and Walter help Red move a refrigerator.
Roll Out The Barrels The guys help Ed bury his pet python.
The Battle Call Red and Walter build a new dock.
Hurricane Doug Red and Walter paint a shed.
Guinness World Records Red, Mike and Dalton play with slingshots.
The Auto Club Red, Mike and Dalton prepare for a cookout.

Season 10[]

Episode Topic
A Very Merry Red Green Christmas Red and Walter make a snowman.
Sausage Envy Dalton's car develops a few problems.
What A Dump Red and his pals try to fix a hole in the shed's roof.
Winston's Wedding The guys use a seesaw as a catapult.
Survivor The guys roll down a hill in oil drums.
Historic Site Winston and Walter have a home run contest.
Lunar Eclipse Dalton runs a golf driving range at the drive-in movie theater.
Barter Starter Walter has lost Red's keys.
Cheap Jeep The boys have a soapbox derby race.
DNA All The Way Mike and Walter have a strongman contest.
The Beaver Dam The guys try to install a satellite dish.
The Dandruff Foundation Red and Walter play Mike and Winston in a tennis match, while Dalton officiates.
No Duct Tape The guys help Ed find his pet groundhog.

Season 11[]

Episode Topic
New Job In Town Walter attempts to start a rototiller
Gladiator Mike asks Red and Walter to help him build a sailboat
The Whooping Crane Red plays hockey with Walter and Dalton
Back To Nature Red finds Mike stranded in a police car on the side of the road
Dalton's Hot Gift Red and Winston attempt to take down a bee hive
Viva Las Possumus Red makes a pit stop in the local car rally
Y2 Cans A pup tent suddenly becomes a parasail
The Ghost Of Possum Lodge Red and Dalton try to clean the Lodge property with a jet engine
The Chainsaw Races The guys get together to build a playground for the kids
Something In The Heir Red judges a basketball contest between Mike and Walter
Daredevil Red and Dalton play a game of badminton
Mike Goes Straight Red and Walter come up with a clever way to demolish a shed
Xmas In July Red gets Walter and Winston to help him replace the tire swing
The Fishing Derby Red and Mike go curling
Masquerade Marathon Red and the gang try to set a new record for a toboggan downhill race.
Harold's Dilemma Mike suddenly has a new car when he meets Red for a picnic
Red Green Does New Years Red and the guys build their own "ball drop" machine

Season 12[]

Episode Subject
Go Fish How to back up a boat trailer
Possum Ponderosa The guys hold a football contest
Possum Air Red cleans out the Possum Van
The IQ Test Walter's kite is stuck in a tree
Day of the Sunflowers The guys help Walter move
Reality Television Cars overheat while towing a heavy load
Possum Lake Provicial Park Red visits a charity car wash
The Silver Wasp Red traces a very long extension cord
A Lot Like Christmas The guys keep the "Frosty" display on ice
Snowed In Red and Walter enter a chili cook-off
The Go Go Bars A field is mysteriously filled with garbage
The Missile Crisis Red helps Walter change the oil in his car
Never Send a Man Red and Walter split some firewood
Power Struggle Red host a bingo tournament
Mr. Possum Lake Red helps Water fly his model airplane
Red and Breakfast Walter helps Red start his lawnmower
The Moosetrap Walter takes Red on a rickshaw ride
Stupid Cupid The guys try to put up a sign post

Season 13[]

Episode Topic
You've Got Oil Red watches Bill and Walter attempt to put up a fence
The Drive-Thru The guys have a lumberjack competition
School Demo The guys try to have a barbecue but it's ruined by flies
Change Will Do You Good Bill and Walter play with water rockets
The Earring Red is playing fetch with a dog when Walter arrives with dynamite
Mailbox Wars Red, Walter and Winston go fishing
The String Ball Red rescues Walter from the lake using a power winch
The Spelling Bee Red, Bill and Walter go camping
Pay It Forward Red watches Bill and Walter play foosball
Possum Day Winston and Walter get into a water pistol fight.
The Boat Ramp The guys deal with a sudden flash flood
Comrade Harold Walter makes a giant paper airplane out of drywall
Spokesman Red The guys prepare to go camping with a tent trailer
The Chain Letter The guys try to irrigate the lawn behind the lodge
The Women's Circle Walter calls Red while he's in the middle of washing the van
Ranger Harold Red plays a powered-up football game with Bill and Walter
The Sinkhole The guys play a soccer game with leaf blowers
Cyber Girl Walter tries to make money taking novelty pictures of the guys

Season 14[]

Episode Topic
Red's Hot Sauce Bill and Walter play with crossbows while Red tries to repair the fence
Life is a Circus Walter eats Red and Bill's picnic lunch and blames it on rats
Once More to the Well Walter tries to teach Harold how to milk a cow
The Statue The guys get on each others nerves while stringing hammocks
False Idol The guys try to launch their boats without paying the $10 fee
Harold's One and Only The guys spot a sign for a nude beach
The Grapes of Wrath Bill and Walter help Red replace a chimney
The Lodge Election Red and Walter have trouble getting a car started
Ticket to Fame Harold gets some help moving some office furniture he just bought
Stay Tuned Walter takes photos of the guys after a day of fishing.
The Butter Man Bill ruins the Christmas display and comes up with an alternative
Red Green Insurance Harold and Walter get a flat tire and have no jack or spare tire
Lodge Luau The guys try to clean up and take cover with a tornado on the way
Hoard of the Flies Bill and Walter try to clean out the eaves troughs using skateboards
A Shot in the Dark Harold and Walter take a hike through the woods and run into a beehive
Bye Bye Bonnie The guys have trouble with a skunk during a recycling drive
Fishy CANUSA Games Bill and Walter try to put new roof shingles on a shed
The Possum Drop The guys play beach volleyball with girls who beat them badly

Season 15[]

Episode Subject
Rules of Engagement Bill and Winston visit the batting cages
The Folk Art Convention The guys have an ATV race
Mr. Clean A storm may ruin their plan to sleep outside
No Tell Boatel Bill and Winston assemble model airplanes
Cell Hell The guys take a private yoga lesson
Cart Blanche Bill loses his watch down a wishing well
New Yorkshire Puddings The guys go bird watching
Exit Stag Right The guys have a sailboat race
Mad You Say? Bill has trouble putting out a campfire
No Place Like the Home Bill and Winston spend the day at the beach
Flying Blind Bill tries a zip line ride
The Bigger the Better Bill and Mike play squash
The Big Retreat Bill tries to go fishing in his homemade boat
Rites of Passage Bill has a bat in his house
Sasquatch The guys play soccer with some school kids
Rain Man The guys have trouble with bugs on a camping trip
Love is in the Air Red and Bill try to drag a boat out of the woods
Toe the Line Red and Bill play soccer with cars
Do As I Do Red and Bill look back at past adventures

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